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This page is being relisted with our "CORE" products in the lower part of this page and will be relisted as they become restocked! Please come back later for checking on these products...

If you may be interested in Anime, Steampunk, Electronics, CosPlay or Costuming and Accessories, Fantasy Gifts, Tech items, Jewelry, Clothing, Premium Weapons, new and used Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Collectibles, Comics, Books or MOST ANY OTHER Fantasy type collectible or lifestyle please check out the Nav-bar at left or our other shopping sites listed on our LINKS page or HOME page!

**We now have in a new shipment of licensed swords from Kit Rae, Paul Chen, Frost Cutlery, United, authentic movie swords/daggers and much more, ready to ship, with more coming soon! If you don’t see what you may want, please ask if interested. We will post on site as soon as possible.**

45” Gold Edition Excaliber Sword & Plaque

Quality Excaliber Sword, Made in China. Overall Length: 45". Blade Length: 35-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel-silver. Handle Material: Cast metal, Antique Gold Finish. Hardwood Plaque Included.
NOTE: Also comes in Antiqued Gold handle, guard and pommel edition w/plaque (not pictured)

Our Price $59.99 +S&H/each  ge

Premium Richard Lionheart Sword


440 stainless steel blade- Unsharpened
Detailed guard bearing the crest of Richard Lionheart
Wire wrapped handle
Scent stopper pommel with ornate design
Comes with custom display plaque
A must for fans of Richard I of England

Measurements: Blade: 33" Overall: 44"

Our Price $89.99 +S&H sm

New 2011 Robinhood Sword Scabbard / belt & Pouch

Robinhood Broad Sword with Leather Scabbard, Belt & Pouch.

Overall Length: 40". Blade Length: 32-1/2". Double Edged, not sharp. Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast Metal Silver Finish, Inset Turquoise, 6 on either side. Leather Scabbard with Belt and Removable pouch.

Our Price $114.99 +S&H ge

Premium Fighting Crusader Sword with custom scabbard.

Reclaim the Holy Land with this fine double edged blade! This sword is composed of stainless steel and leather. Its hilt features an ornate claw guard. The pommel bears the cross and the handle is of a spiral design clad in black leather. This sword comes complete with a black leather sheath with polished metal fittings and a chain.

Features include:

Exquisitely decorated hilt and pommel.

Spiral bound black leather handle.

Hard black leather sheath.

Double edged stainless steel blade with medieval decoration.

36.5 inch overall length.

27 inch blade.

Our Price $79.99 +S&H tc

Deluxe Confederate Sword

Confederate Sword & Scabbard. Beautiful Gold and Black Finish. Heavy Weight Sword. Overall Length: 37". Blade Length: 30-1/2". Blade Material: Stainless Steel, beautifully etched on both sides. Handle: Wire Wrapped Leather.

Scabbard: Blackened Stainless Steel with gold finished trim.

Comes in "W.J. McElroy" Etched at base of blade (as shown) OR "Fayetteville Armory" Etched at base of blade. Ask for pic of Armory Blade if needed.

Our Price $64.99/each +S&H ge

Destroyer Artwork- Heavy Metal Bowie
This limited edition production features finely detailed handle parts with unique full-color artwork stretching down the entire length of the knife, including the metal blade! The artwork is taken from "The Destroyer" print from famed Heavy Metal artist Michael Calandra. The screen printed ABS handle offers an antique-finished cast metal pommel and guard. Completing the package is a custom wood wall display plaque accented with Heavy Metal shield and a certificate of authenticity. 12 2/5" overall.

Our Price $44.99 +S&H ei

Deer Hunter Sword
1st Quality - well packed - Excellent wildlife motif plaque - overall length 26" - beautiful well crafted handle. - double edged blade - Great design. Great Price!!!

Our Price $29.99 +S&H mi

2010 Deluxe Scottish Claymore/ matching scabbard
Scottish Claymore, 43" overall. Blade 32. 5". We are only able to offer these classic replicas while supplies last! Mirroring the original Rebellion sword from the early 18th century. Comes With Hard Scabbard, Sliver Antique Finish. 440 Stainless steel Blade.

Our Price $74.99 +S&H ei

45” Jeweled Sword & Plaque

Overall Length: 44-1/2". Blade Length: 35". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast metal Antique Silver Finish, jeweled. Plaque: Custom Hardwood Plaque included.

Our Price $57.99 +S&H ge

Black Prince Medieval Sword

The Black Prince Sword has a highly polished 440 stainless steel construction. The blade is un-edged for safety. The guards and pommels are metal cast, and features elaborate Gold plated pommel and hand guard with overall black lacquer finish, incorporating exquisite detailing appropriate to the history of the sword. Featuring his coat of arms emblazoned on the hilt and his motto on the pommel. This sword is perfect for costuming, decoration and collection only. The blade is well decorated with gold vine inscriptions. It also includes a black leather sheath with belt loop. Overall Length: 46 inch.

Our Price $44.99 +S&H ks

Azan Knight of Emerald Sword

The Knights Emerald's sword is a symbol of courage, honor and justice, which identifies the bearer of this weapon as a knight mage. This blade holds particular features which distinguishes it from other swords found on the continent. Forged by Morrison, the blacksmith of the Kingdom of Emerald, it is a weapon of quality which inspires the fear in the eyes of the enemy. Overall Length: 48 Inches.

Our Price $64.99 +S&H ks

Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half Sword

The Hanwei Practical broadswords are all based on authentically styled swords in our collection but they are tailored to meet the needs of re-enactment and stage combat. These very popular and affordable weapons feature authentic hilt styling, with fully tempered un-edged and un-pointed blades. They are designed to withstand rugged use while providing the level of safety required by many of today’s re-enactment societies. The blades are crafted from 1065 high-carbon steel, hardened to 50HRC, which restricts edge-notching to acceptable levels while providing resilience and protection against brittleness. While the blades are substantial, they are fullered to provide balance and good handling characteristics. They feature 1/16” wide edges and rounded tips for safety. The tangs are also substantial, with radius corners at the blade shoulders and no welds. The end of the tang is riveted over the pommel, which both eliminates any possibility of inadvertent disassembly. The hardwood grips are leather-covered. The scabbards are fabricated in glass-filled resin, to eliminate swelling and to minimize blade corrosion problems, with belt rings that adjust to allow vertical or horizontal carry. The wood-grain finish is attractive, but most re-enactors will decorate the scabbard to match their persona. The Hanwei Practical Hand-and-a Half sword is based on the Albrecht sword, a classic design from the early part of the 15th century, with a simple cruciform hilt, flattened diamond-section blade and typical hand-and-a-half grip. With a weight of just 3 ¼ lbs. it handles very well without tiring the player during a long day in the field.Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half Sword Features:

1065 high carbon steel unsharpened, unpointed blade. Hardened to 50 HRC. Riveted tang. Leather wrapped hardwood handle. Glass filled resin scabbard with woodgrain finish and belt rings. Based on the Albrecht sword (15th Century). Built for stage combat and re-enactors.

Measurements: Blade: 34". Handle: 6 1/2". Overall: 43 3/4". Weight: 2 Lbs 12 Oz. Point of balance: 12". Point of percussion: 23". Width at guard: 1.75". Width at tip: .51". Thickness at guard: .21". Thickness at tip: .19".

Our Price $159.99

28" Overall FALCUTTA DELUS SWORD. Comes with hard scabbard. Antique brass and wood finished horse handle. Blade has blood groove design. Excellent quality. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ei

40 Inch Last Crusade Sword with Plaque.
The Crusades created a tumultuous period when Western armies, fired with the crusading spirit, wrestled most of the Holy Land from the Moslems. Holding it was a different matter, and the Crusaders never again match their initial success. The West, still somewhat barbaric, learned a great deal from their opponents, bringing back new knowledge from their travels. Some historians believe the Crusades helped encourage a thirst for exploration among Europeans that helped foment the discovering of America. This decorative sword blade is flat, with two narrow fullers. The pommel is steel, with a cross deeply engraved on its face surrounded by brass rivets.


40 inches overall.

33 inch blade.

7.75 inch at hand guard.

Blunt Blade.

Cross engraving on pommel.

A fantastic Crusade replica.

Includes wall mounting plaque.

Our Price $87.99 +S&H tc

2010- 37” Detailed Robin Hood Sword with Hard Scabbard.
This sword is really amazing to look at, and is ideal for display purposes. The sword measures 37 inch with the scabbard and 35 inch without. The stunning polished steel blade is 27 inch and complimented beautifully with the intricate detailing on the hilt, pommel and guard. The pommel also features a blue sapphire-colored stone, which is sure to attract this piece plenty of admiring looks. The scabbard comes with this sword, and it is made from wood with cast steel fittings, to complete the piece beautifully.


37 inches overall

27 inch blade

Blue sapphire-colored stone

Cast metal engravings on handle and sheath

A wonderful, high quality piece for any Robin Hood fan

Our Price $71.99 +S&H tc

32” Sword and Dragon Plaque with Death & Cobra Handle
Fantasy lovers, this one is a must have. Venomous cobra, skeleton death reaper, and ferocious dragon are all covered in this piece! Meticulously detailed handle and mounting plaque are not to be out done by the fearsome double-edged stainless steel blade. Add a great sword/plaque combo to your collection!

Features Include:

Dragon mounting plaque

22 inch double-edged stainless steel bade

Meticulously detailed piece

A must have fantasy piece

Our Price $61.99 +S&H tc

40” Dragoon Sabre.

Beautiful Dragoon Sabre with Brass Hand Guard. Overall Length: 40". Blade Length: 33-3/4". Blade Material: Polished High Carbon Steel. Handle Material: Wood with Leather Wrap and Brass Wire. Solid Brass Guard Metal, Custom Made. Gloss Black Scabbard with Hanger Rings. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

Demon Eye Spider Sword

This unique sword is perfect for collectors of oddities and fine swords.

The pommel of the sword and the shape of the scabbard are adorned with terrifying realistic eyeballs that are sure to amaze and unsettle all those who see them.

The grip of the sword and scabbard are covered in a plush and comfortable rubberized material for excellent handling.

Features include:

Blade length: 30.5 inches

Handle dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 8.625 inches

Overall dimensions: 3.5 x 42.5 x 3 inches

440 Stainless Steel

Our Price $47.99 +S&H tc

2010 Dragon Fantasy Sword.

Sword Features:

Heavy Stainless steel blade- Unsharpened. Blade is engraved with dragon's breath. Dragon head guard. Black textured polymer handle. Dragon's tail pommel. Comes with display plaque.

Measurements: Blade: 30" Handle: 6" Overall: 40" Weight: 3.4 Lbs Plaque: 13x7 1/4"

Our Price $74.99 +S&H sm

Legion Sword with custom scabbard.


Sharpened steel blade

Metal guard

Leather wrapped handle

Metal pommel with cross design

Leather wrapped scabbard with integrated belt and metal accents

Very solid

Overall 42”


Our Price $89.99 +S&H sm


Double Dragon Sword / With Wall Plaque.

This Double Dragon Sword Features a double dragon pommel with a steel wire wrapped handle and a stainless steel blade with a lasered symbol. Includes a wood wall display plaque.41 Inch Overall Length. Our Price $69.99 +S&H cw

Classic Viking Sword

This historical recreation is modeled after the traditional battle swords wielded by the hordes of Viking invaders that pillaged Europe in the Dark and Medieval Ages. This sword features a wide 29" blade crafted from 440 stainless steel with a heavy blood groove. The handle offers cast metal pommel and guard along with a brown suede leather wrapped handle. This sword includes a coordinating brown suede leather wrapped hardwood blade sheath and measures 36 1/4" overall. This item is a worthy addition to any sword collection! Our Price $79.99 +S&H md

Medieval King's Sword of Odin w/Sheath
Overall Length: 44". Blade Length: 34". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Antique Silver Finished Cast Metal, Black Nylon, Jeweled. Sheath: Leather Custom Made. Our Price $57.99 +S&H md

Deluxe Classic Wood Grip Rapier Sword.
Classic Wood Grip Rapier Sword. 45" Overall. 440 Stainless Steel. Includes Leather Frog Hard 12 Rivets. Great heavy duty sword for that real effect. Our Price $119.99 +S&H ei

Master Rapier Sword
The blade is polished stainless steel and the grip is stainless wire wrap, a very nice feature. This Fencing sword comes with a custom hard body sheath covered with genuine leather and polished steel trim to match the sword. This sword, because of its great detail and history, is a collector's masterpiece. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ei


Deluxe Conan Atlantean Heavy Duty Barbarian Two Handed Sword. VERY HEAVY, heavy Duty Exact reproduction functional sword. Overall Length: 41". Blade Length: 29". Blade Material: Hand Forged Carbon Steel with Blood Groove. Handle Material: Leather Wrapped, Antique Gold Finished metal trim. Hardwood Wall Plaque included. Our Price $119.99 +S&H ge


'Frederick I Barbarossa" Sword. 44" Overall 'Frederick I Barbarossa" Sword. This sword is from the Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. 440 Stainless Steel, comes with wall mounting display plaque. Nice display and design! Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei


Skull Collector Steel Wire Wrapped Sword. 45" Over all. 17" Blade Steel Wire Wrapped Handle And cast Metal Parts. Etched Tribal Flame On The Blade. Stainless Steel Blade- comes With display Plaque. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei


Song Dynasty Emperor's Sword. Very limited quantity. Song Dynasty Emperor's Sword. Overall Length: 39". Blade Length: 27-1/4". Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Chinese Script engraved on one side & a dragon on the other. Handle Cast Bronze, Heavy with black faux leather wrap. All Trim is bronze with engraving. Comes in fabric covered lined form fitted hard case. This is quality hand made sword at a very low price. Our Price $64.99 +S&H ge


Black Emperor's Sword. Very limited quantity. Black Emperor's Sword. Overall Length: 39". Blade Length: 27-3/4". Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Chinese Script engraved on one side & a dragon on the other. Handle: cast Metal with Antique black finish. All Trim is engraved. Comes in fabric covered lined form fitted hard case. This is quality hand made sword at a very low price. Our Price $64.99 +S&H ge

Stage Steel Twisted Hilt Rapier

Stage Steel (Re-enactment) Twisted Hilt Rapier Features:

Great for re-enactments. Unsharpened solid carbon steel. Blade Perfect for blade-on-blade contact! Very solid construction with welded points for maximum durability. Leather wrapped handle. Hand pounded twisted guard and pommel is welded to the blade!

Blade: 34"
Overall: 42 1/2"
Weight: 3 Lbs.
Our Price $174.99 +S&H sm


NEW Pirate Scimitar Sword

32 inches Pirate Scimitar Sword with wood display stand. Great detail and design. Our Price $54.99 +S&H tc


Kings Rapier Sword. 45" King Rapier Sword Kris Blade wire Wrapped in Handle. Comes With hard Scabbard. Nice style and design. Our Price $79.99 +S&H ei




This is a 46 inch replica of an Italian Rapier sword, the kind used for Fencing in the Middle Ages.

This is a Stainless Steel piece with an ultimate hand guard design. This sword is very solid and well balanced and fully functional as a fencing sword.

This sword, because of its great detail and history, is a collector's masterpiece!

Read on:

Swords have been in use since the Bronze Age, and nearly all people of antiquity practiced swordsmanship. Fencing as a contest has existed at least since 1190 BC, as shown in a relief carving in Upper Egypt from that time depicting adversaries with covered sword points and padded masks under the observation of spectators and judges. In the Middle Ages, swords were essential to civilians and soldiers. England's Henry VIII ordered fencing displays. Not until the 16th cent., however, when the light Italian rapier replaced the heavy German sword, did the sport become widespread and the subject of scientific theory. Fencing schools, or salles, frequented by young aristocrats, soon sprang up all over Europe, and fencing duels often settled matters of personal honor. In the late 19th cent., after many countries had outlawed the duel, fencing became an organized sport. Fencing has been a part of the Olympics since the first modern games in 1896, though women did not compete until 1924 and still compete in foil and ÉpÉe only. (Please Note: This Sword does not come with a Sheath) Our Price $64.99 +S&H tc


Kingdom of Hell Sword & Dagger with Plaque. Overall Length: 33". Blade Length: 24-1/2". Blade: Satin Finished Stainless Steel, with blood grove. Handle: Cast metal with Antique Bronze & Antique silver finish. Pommel is two headed dragon with a 4-1/2" dagger in top. Hardwood Plaque included. Our Price $49.99 +S&H ge


Red Dragon Blade open mouth Sword. Red Dragon Blade open mouth Sword Come with wall mount Plaque. Made in China. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ei


2-PC SWORD SET WITH DEMON FACE PLAQUE. 2-PC Sword set which measures 34" Overall in lengths with 10" Handle. Comes with the demon face wall plaque. Our Price $49.99 +S&H si


Celtic Dragon Longsword w/ Plaque - 42 inches Stainless
A dragon slayer that's fit for a king! This authentic Celtic dragon longsword will strike fear in the hearts of your enemies and aid you in the rescuing of your damsel in distress.

This traditional Celtic sword is a longsword. The Longsword is a type of European sword used during the late medieval and Renaissance periods. The longsword is commonly held in combat with both hands, though some may be used single-handed. Longswords are used for striking, cutting, and thrusting. The specific offensive purpose of an individual longsword is derived from its physical shape. All parts of the sword are used for offensive purposes, including the pommel and crossguard.


Show room quality High-polish silver coating

Dual dragon head pommel

Dragon scale hilt

Sword weighs approximately 4.52 pounds

42 inches long overall

Comes with custom cherry wood shield display plaque.

Our Price $79.99 +S&H tc


Dragon Scimitar Sword with Wooden Stand - 33.5 inches

This Dragon Scimitar sword has a deep red stainless steel blade with detachable magnetic double dragon guard and includes a wooden display stand.


33.5” Overall.

Deep red stainless steel blade.

Detachable magnetic double dragon guard

Master Cutlery

21” Blade

Fantasy Master

Includes wooden display stand

Our Price $69.99 +S&H tc


The Cosmic Blade. 1st quality - Well packed - overall length a Massive 29" - Full length plaque - Intense design - Flawless Sword - Great Blade - Intense etching - Great Price!!! Our Price $44.99 +S&H mi