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This page is being relisted with our "CORE" products in the lower part of this page and will be relisted as they become restocked! Please come back later for checking on these products...

Celtic Helmet

Celtic Helmet Features:

Made of metal

Celtic decorations all over the helmet

Full metal ear coverage with Celtic dragon relief

Fully lined and totally wearable

Leather buckled chinstrap

Comes with display stand.

Height: 14" Width: 9"

Our Price $94.99 +S&H sm

Medieval Knight Crusader LionHeart Shield

This is the second generation Lion Heart Shield. The shield was inspired by the legend and history of Richard the Lion Heart King of England and hero of the crusades. While Richard Plantagenet is revered as one of the great warrior kings of England, he is perhaps best known as "the absent king." This is due to the fact that during his reign from 1189-1199, he spent a total of six months in England. This aside Richard was well known for his bravery which earned him the nickname "The Lion Heart" It is his name that, has reached epic and mythological proportions as best seen in literary works such as Robin Hood and Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe.

Attributes of the Shield:
The shield is constructed of stainless steel. The back of the shield is painted in white. with the crimson cross emblazoned across the front. For display the shield has a steel chain for easy wall hanging and can be held in the hand for displaying. The shield stands 25 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide.
**This shield is, also, known, as Ornate Lion shield like the one on Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. ** NOTE: This shield is made a little heavier than it’s predecessor near the bottom of this page and is better, overall than the other one, also!**
Overall Length: 25 Inches
Width: 17.5 Inches
Shield: All Metal Construction
Edge: Factory Hand Cut

Knight next to shield NOT included!
Our Price $89.99 +S&H ks

Chainmail Coif - Round Butted Mild Steel

This Code 10 (butted, mild steel) Coif is a great buy for the costumer on a budget. Construction: Butted.
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: 16ga. mild steel.
Finish: Zinc Plated.
Ring Internal Diameter: 8mm.

Our Price $59.99 +S&H sm

Chainmail Haubergeon - Butted Mild Steel

This Code 10 Haubergeon (butted, mild steel) is a great buy for the costumer on a budget. Size: Fits up to 48” and 60” chest sizes, measured over a gambeson and undergarments.
Construction: Butted.
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: 16ga. mild steel.
Finish: Zinc Plated.
Ring Internal Diameter: 8mm.

Our Price 48” Size - $159.99 +S&H sm

                 60” Size- $179.99 +S&H sm

Scottish Targe


Made of wood

Black leather covered front and back

 Metal accents

Engraved round metal piece with spike

Handle and forearm strap for carry

Diameter: 24"

Our Price $84.99 +S&H sm

Painted Wooden Viking Shield


Made of wood
Dual tone yellow and black painted front
Full length wooden handle
Metal reinforced sides
Metal boss Removable chain for display

Diameter: 29"

Our Price $64.99 +S&H sm

Fur-Covered Sword Scabbard

Furred Sword Scabbard Features:

Leather scabbard Covered in animal fur

Leather straps

 Adjustable carry strap

Fits swords with blade widths up to 2 1/8" wide

The ultimate barbarian sword sheath!

Sword NOT included!

Length: 36"- Width 3 ½”. Great for that Conan or Barbarian extra touch of realism. Ask for bigger pic if needed.

Our Price $89.99 +S&H sm

Barbarian War Helmet

Show your friends who the real barbarian is with this Barbarian Helmet. Working ear flaps protect your ears during battle and a half face mask protects your face and eyes. Stainless steel construction ensures this helmet will last a lifetime.

Our Price $99.99 +S&H md

Skull Crusher Helmet

The knight who wears this helmet doesn't talk, he only conquers everything in his path. The dark night rides a midnight black stallion and the only thing you'll hear before he strikes you is his armor clanging together at the very last second. If you too are a dark knight, you need this helmet to wear or just display and show your character to all. 12" tall.

Our Price $89.99 +S&H md

Leather Buckled Medieval Sword Frog- Hanger.

This is a leather buckled medieval sword frog for dagger or axe. Size: 6 x 4.25 inch. Dagger is NOT included.

Our Price $11.99 +S&H ks

Decorative Roman Shield

Roman Shield Features:

Solid metal construction
 Heavy weight
 Crest relief on front
 Comes with attached metal chain for hanging and handle attachment
 Made for decorative purposes

Measurements: Height: 25" Width: 17" Weight: 8 Lbs

Our Price $114.99 +S&H sm

Broadsword Hanger

This Broadsword hanger is designed for the wall display of any Hanwei (and probably any other) broadsword. Its scissor-type action allows the retaining pins to grip the blade of the sword at the crossguard, with the weight of the sword providing the gripping force. The retaining pins are internally threaded and adjustable, to allow for different guard/grip thickness, and are grooved to provide a positive blade stop for blades with or without ricassos. The nickel finish blends well with any blade to provide an unobtrusive means of display. Sword NOT included!

Broadsword Hanger Features:

Nickel finish

 Adjusts to many sizes

Almost invisible when displayed

The easiest way to hang a broadsword

Made by Hanwei

Our Price $7.99 +S&H sm

Universal Sword Wall Display- Style 1
It is made to fit almost any types of medieval swords or any swords which carries a broad sword guard. It features an all wooden construction, brown stain finish with gold Celtic Vine design. This piece comes with the accessory for the wall mount. Length 15”. Our Price $14.99 +S&H si

Universal King Sword Plaque- Style 2
This plaque features a large design wooden plaque with lots of design. The plaque design has been gold imprinted on the plaque and takes the shape of a three with a crown. Around the three are starts. This plaque comes with the accessory for the wall mount. Overall length 23.5 inch. Our Price $14.99 +S&H si

Universal Sword Plaque- Style 3
Designed to fit any size sword and also give you a better look on your wall. This sword plaque comes equipped with beautiful designed on a stain wood plaque with screws to hang up your swords. Length: 14" Width: 11". Our Price $14.99 +S&H si


Full Size Greek 300 Helmet.

King Leonidas FULL SIZE Helmet- Black Finished Stainless Steel Helmet. Approximately 16" tall. Display Stand Included. Our Price $94.99 +S&H ge

Full Size Greek Helmet

Greek Corinthian FULL SIZE Helmet- Gold Finished. Stainless Steel Helmet. Approximately 16" tall. Display Stand Included. Our Price $89.99 +S&H ge

Full Size Saladin Helmet.

Antique Bronze Finished Helmet. Heavy Steel. Chain Mail Neck protector. 9" Diameter. Display Stand Included. Our Price $84.99 +S&H ge

Gladiator Helmet.

Fancy Gladiator Helmet. Full Size Helmet with fantastic detail. 18 guage Carbon Steel. 16" Tall- 11" wide. Display Stand Included. Our Price $89.99 +S&H ge

Barbarian Helmet

This Barbarian helmet harkens you back to the days when Atlanteans ruled and the sword was your best friend. Our barbarian helmet features full scale horns and a furred brow. This helmet is fully lined and has an adjustable strap. Comes with helmet stand.


Metal construction
 Very cool horns
Fur that runs all the way around the helmet
Fully wearable and fully lined
Adjustable chin strap
 Shiny black metal armored back
 Great for fans of Conan or barbarians in general

Height: 19"
Horns: 9"

Our Price $94.99 +S&H sm

Alien Mask

Very good quality and detail Fantasy Mask. 14-1/2" Tall. 9" wide and 3-1/2" deep. Wide nylon strap with Hook & Loop adjustment. Has a hanger chain. Cast fiber. Our Price $34.99 +S&H ge

Demon fighter Mask FM-534
12.25" Tall- 9' wide Demon Fighter Mask- Silver resin With Head Strap. Fantasy Masters release.

Our Price $49.99 +S&H ei


Kit Rae Universal Display Plaque
This is an unique display plaque that can be used for every sword in your collection, especially those from renowned sword and knife designer Kit Rae’s endless imagination. This plaque is constructed from solid wood and is accented with fantasy screen printed tribal designs and crossed leather wrap. This item measures 9 1/4" x 14 3/4". United Cutlery.

Our Price $27.99 +S&H md


Full Size Silver Heraldic Phoenix Shield
Silver Heraldic Phoenix Shield. Heavy (18 gauge) steel battle shield has deep embossed Lion design and wall hanger attachment on back.

You can Combine with Battle Axes for unique historical display. Great for reenactments or just collecting interesting edged weapons.

Our Price $74.99 +S&H tc


2 Tier Wall Mount Katana Sword Display. 17 3/4" Overall 11.5 High 2 Tier Wall Mount Katana Sword Wood Display. Our Price $19.99 +S&H ei


MEDIEVAL WARRIOR BREAST AND BACK PLATE. This armor is hand made. It is full size and scale and fully wearable. It is constructed of carbon steel, with real leather and real brass. It is about 22" tall, and weighs almost 11 lbs. Each of the fittings was hand hammered. Our Price $124.99 +S&H si


Lorica Chest Guard. Lorica Segmentata Chest Guard Gold 931. Medieval Chest Guard. Gold Bras Come with lather Straps. One size fits all. Our Price $179.99 +S&H ei


Newer Items are at the top of the page and armor is near the botton of the page. Items are not in any type of order, so please scan the whole page!

Note: Availability subject to change due to supplier! Alot of these items sell out fast and can usually be restocked relatively soon! We are NOT responsible for changes made by our supplier!

Check out these outstanding quality products...

All Items are sharp! Not to be considered toys!

"GREAT DEALS" AND ALL SHIPPING CHARGES ARE ACTUAL SHIPPING CHARGES! Everything is professionally packaged w/ fitted boxes and packaging display boxes!

**If you would like a specific type of plaque or holder please inquire by email. We are always having various designs in stock! (Prices vary)

**Single table top or wall mount sword stands are available in quailty wood construction for displays. Price for either is $14.99 +S&H/each

Royal Lion Medieval Shield. This shield is a historically correct replica. All metal construction featuring a rubber bolted handle and forearm strap for holding and reenacting. Also features a hanging chain for display. Our Price $54.99 +S&H si

Imperial Eagle Medieval Shield. This shield is a historically correct replica. All metal construction featuring a rubber bolted handle and forearm strap for holding and reenacting. Also features a hanging chain for display. Our Price $54.99 +S&H si

Lion OR Dragon Wall Display Plaques. 20" Overall Wide Wall Display Plaques That Compliment and Show off Types Of Historical, Renaissance, and Fantasy Swords. Made of ceramic Resin. Great on the wall. Sword NOT included. Our Price $79.99 +S&H ei

Fantasy Sword Fancy Plaque. Hardwood plaque for "MOVIE" Swords. Length: 13-1/2". Width 10-1/2". Our Price $9.99 +S&H ge

Fantasy Sword Fancy Long Plaque. Hardwood plaque for "MOVIE" Swords. Length: 17-1/2". Width 8-1/2". Our Price $11.99 +S&H ge

Fantasy Sword Plain Plaque. Hardwood plaque. Length: 11-1/2". Width 12". Our Price $9.99 +S&H ge


Skull Shield/ Sword Holder. 1st quality - Intense detail & craftsmanship - 20" x 12" the skull is raised - sword blade width can be up to 2.5" Highly Collectible - Great Price!!! Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi


Leather Sword / Dagger Scabbard Frog. Real Leather- Allows you to wear sword or dagger on a belt. Our Price $11.99 +S&H ge


Pirate Head Sword Holder. 1st quality - well packed - 8.5" x 7" - Holds up to 4 swords or daggers -Hanging accessories included Great Price!!! Our Price $17.99 +S&H mi


Pirate Captain Sword Holder. 1st quality - well packed - 8.5" x 7" - holds up to 4 swords or daggers - Great Price!!! Our Price $17.99 +S&H mi


Dragon Dagger Stand. This pc. incredible, well packed, nice display box, 1st quality, your daggers that are on the table will be rejuvenated 7" tall 5" wide, GRAND PRICE! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


Single Sword Floor Stand. Hardwood Stand Height 22" Our Price $14.99 +S&H ws


3 sword wooden display stand. Our Price $21.99 +S&H**Design Varies**   ws


8 Sword floor rack (wood) Our Price $41.99 +S&H   ws. Table Top, holds 8 swords, 25" at base, 17" wide at top, 43" in height.


8 Sword wall rack (wood) Our Price $41.99 +S&H   wsHolds 8 swords,25" wide, 43" in height.


3 Sword wall rack (Wood) Our Price $21.99 +S&H   ws


Heavy leather sword holster. Fully adjustable. Woman and sword not included. OUR PRICE $44.99 +S&H   cj




Helmet Of The Dark Lord Sauron LOTR LOOK-A-LIKE w/stand. Our Price $84.99 +S&H mb




Deluxe Midieval Shield. When William the Conqueror sailed across the Channel in 1066 he took 3000 horses on 700 small sailing boats with him and headed from the Normandy across the channel to England.
In the following battle William's army was victorious due largely to his cavalry assisted by archers. They charged into the wall of shields put up by the Saxon infantry and were victorious.
Nice Piece for Reenactment or Display - Theatrical Use or Movie Prop. Overall height: 31". Overall width: 18"
This impressive replica medieval shield features all steel construction . This piece is well made and nicely detailed. This shield is equipped with a comfortable handle . This piece is also equipped with a strap for wall hanging / display. Our Price $69.99 +S&H sm


The Medieval Viking Shield. Here is a satisfaction guaranteed product of top quality performance! The Medieval Viking Shield is a rare accessory of armor. Overall diameter: 18".
Its construction features a one-piece steel construction with intricately embossed ornaments. The shape describes a perfectly round design. The shield is tightly screwed and festooned with antique gold plated elements. The back side of the shield is equipped with a comfortable handle for firm handling. You can display this item by the provided hook.
Your armor is not complete without a remarkable piece like this! Our Price $69.99 +S&H sm




24" by 17" Gold Cross sheild. Nicely decorative and comes w/handle for combat. Our Price $59.99 +S&H   cj


24" by 17" Red Cross sheild. Nicely done and comes w/handle for combat. Our Price $59.99 +S&H   cj


19" high 17" wide Chrome Breastplate and backplate. Great quality and dual straps. Our price $169.99 +S&H   ws


Chest and torso armor. Standard adjustable size. Stainless steel and leather. OUR PRICE $199.99 +S&H cj


Chainmail coif. OUR PRICE $49.99 +S&H   pw


Butted chainmail shirt. Large size. OUR PRICE $149.99 +S&H   pw


Full size handmade butted chainmail outfit w/coif included. Our Price $159.99 +S&H  (pw)


14" Midieval Helmet. Leather lined, wearable, with stand. Silver finish. Our Price $64.99 +S&H  (mp)


16" Midieval War helmet w/stand. Silver/gold finish, leather lined and wearable. Our Price $64.99 +S&H (mp)

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