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Northstar Collectibles, Swords and Discounts

This page is being relisted with our "CORE" products in the lower part of this page and will be relisted as they become restocked! Please come back later for checking on these products...

2011 Fantasy Twin Sword Set & Scabbard

FULL TANG- Twin swords with Ballistic Nylon Scabbard. Overall Length 26". Blade Length : 15". Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Sharp. Handle: Purple Nylon cord, wrapped. Sheath: Black Ballistic Nylon with Harness, Custom Fitted, holds both Swords.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

Apocalyptic Zombie Sword w/Sheath
Razor sharp 440 Stainless Steel makes this blade a useful cutting tool for your targets, or wall display. This sword is so sharp, you just might want to shave with it. The unique clip point, full tang blade is an unusual find, but very powerful at piercing through any surface. Three cutouts are incorporated into the blade, one of which is wrapped to the spine with nylon. Both leather and burgundy nylon make the grip easy and natural to handle. Two cutouts are balanced on the pommel. A thick nylon sheath with shoulder strap is included free.

Overall Length: 27.25 Inches. Blade Length: 17 Inches. Blade: High Carbon Stainless Steel, Clip Point. Blade Thickness: 3.5mm. Handle: 6.25 Inches, Full Tang. Grip: Nylon Cord Wrap. Includes: Thick Nylon Sheath, Shoulder Strap.

Our Price $29.99 +S&H md

Maximus Sharpicus: “The Annihilator”
1st quality - Incredible sheath - overall length 42" - Excellent weight - Excellent handling - Incredible craftsmanship - Awesome design - A Real Winner - Great Price!!! Really nice design and incredibly sharp!

Our Price $64.99 +S&H mi

Is It Dead Yet? Huge Carbon Steel Machete/ Sword!

Full Tang, CARBON STEEL Machete / Sword. Overall Length: 29-1/2". Blade Length: 21-1/2". Blade Material: Carbon Steel with Black Finish, Sharp!

Blade is a massive 1/4" thick. Hardwood & Cord Wrapped Handle.

Sheath: Ballistic Nylon with harness. A Truly Massive Tool or Weapon! If there ever were a Zombie Apocalypse, I am sure that you would NEVER have to ask: Is IT Dead Yet? …After using this powerful weapon!

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

Musketeer Epee Rapier Sword

Built for re-enactments, ceremonies, and display, this authentic high quality steel Musketeer Epee Rapier Fencing Sword is a very exceptional sword. Fencing was a common skill taught to males as they became men. During the 1600's and 1700's men fought to the death in rapier duels, making fencing a necessary part of life. It is a quick blade, and this particular rapier is double the width of the standard rapier, making it an Epee, or Musketeer rapier. It is a strong, swift sword that has been proven as a successful weapon of it's time.
The 1 Inch wide blade is made of a solid piece of high quality steel, with a factory edge. It is not sharp from the factory, but it can be made sharp if you so desire it to be. The blade is polished to an exquisite mirror finish and oiled to protect the high performance steel from moisture and environment variables. This is not just a regular rapier, but a powerful Musketeer Rapier replica that was actually designated to the Musketeers for it's excessive past achievements. The mirror polished guard completely surrounds the handle. This will assure you that your hand is protected with high quality steel. The wire wrapped handle holds a firm grip and is fixed solid to the tang of the blade. The tang travels all the way through to the pommel, which is also mirror polished high quality steel. The weighted pommel provides a sense of balance to the sword. Included is a full metal Musketeer sheath. The fittings are polished down and the mid section is wrapped in black leather. Only a true hand made Musketeer Epee Rapier Fencing Sword can outperform a rapier in a fencing duel.

Overall Length: 44.5 Inches
Blade Length: 36.5 Inches
Blade: Double Factory Edge, 1 Inch Wide, Mirror Polished, High Quality Steel
Handle: 7 Inches, Wire Wound, Mirror Polished, High Quality Steel
Guard: 12 Inches Wide, Full Surround, High Quality Steel
Pommel: Weighted, High Quality Steel
Features: 100% Handmade, Mirror Polished Steel

Our Price $119.99 +S&H ka

Dragon Tooth Sword
1st Quality - s.s. single edged blade - overall length 29" - beautiful display box - comes w/ stand - Excellent crafted & detailed handle. - Great design. Great Price!!!

Our Price $39.99 +S&H mi

Demon Sword of Omen
1st Quality - nice display box - beautiful stand - straight from hell this awesome piece is a massive 26" metal bone massacre of a masterpiece has a Great Price!!!

Our Price $39.99 +S&H mi

Elven Warrior Short Sword
1st Quality - Excellent nylon sheath - 440 s.s. - overall length 25" - Excellent blade - super nice wood handle. - the handle is crafted beautifully - Great Price!!!

Our Price $29.99 +S&H mi

Fantasy Warrior Full Tang Sword - Spear Blade
A fantasy sword with some bite! Our Fantasy Warrior series combines full tang functionality with never before seen blade shapes. Hand polished stainless steel bolsters surround the black pakkawood handle. Two steel pegs secure the 440 stainless steel blade. Includes nylon sheath with strap. 17 1/2 in. blade, 24 1/2 in. overall.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

Fantasy Warrior Full Tang Sword - Urban Cutlass Blade
This 25 1/2" sword combines fantasy styling with a functional full tang blade. You'll never lose hold with the black faux leather wrapped handle that conforms to any hand. Includes zippered nylon sheath. 25 1/2" overall. 18" blade.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

Reaper Curved Battle Blade
This uniquely designed sword breaks the bonds with convention! Measuring 19.5"" overall, this piece offers a stainless steel, double-edged blade with Sliver finish. The hilt offers a grooved cast Wood metal grip. Comes with Sheath.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

Fantasy Warrior Full Tang Sword - Scimitar Slasher
This 25" functional fantasy sword has a 17 1/2" stainless steel blade with a wood handle and stainless steel guard for a smooth and easy grip. Includes nylon sheath 25" overall. 17 1/2" blade.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

Norse Raider Sword

This sword has features in common with its historical counterpart. It has a double edged blade, hand forged stainless steel and then polished to a brilliant luster. The handle is covered in leather and is supported by a simple, elegant guard at one end and an equally handsome 5 lobed pommel at the other. Both guard and pommel feature traditional Celtic knot embellishments. To house the keen double edge blade each of these swords is supplied with a leather scabbard. Specifications: Overall Length: 27.5".

Our Price $34.99 +S&H ks

Venus/ Roman Goddess Sword

From Roman Mythology Venus was the God of Love and Beauty. Overall Length: 29". Sword Overall Length: 26-3/8". Blade Length: 20". Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Double Edged. Handle Material: Gold Finished, Cast Metal with faux leather. Scabbard: Hard Scabbard with Gold Finished, Cast Metal trim. Belt attached to Scabbard.

Our Price $34.99 + S&H ks

Zodiac Sword of Aries.
45" Overall, 34" Blade. Handle 8.5". Zodiac Sword of Aries With Custom Made Leather Sheath.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei

23-½” Handmade Short Sword.

Hand Made Heavy duty Short Sword, Giant Knife. Overall Length: 23-1/2". Blade Length: 18". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Multi Colored Hardwood, Brass Trim. Sheath: Custom Made Real Tooled Leather.

Our Price $21.99 +S&H ge

Special Forces Full Tang Black Short Sword/ Machete
26" Overall in length Special Forces Full Tang Black Short Sword W/ Case That is made very well with Surgical Steel. This Sword can even be used like a Jungle Machete, Also. This Comes in Very nice color box. Great “killer” item.

Our Price $19.99 +S&H si

41” FULL TANG Excaliber Sword.

FULL TANG Sword, Two-Handed. Overall Length: 41". Blade Length: 30-3/4". Double Edged not sharp. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Rosewood with Brass Guard. Handle is Riveted to Full Tang Blade. Scabbard: Leather Custom made.

Our Price $41.99 +S&H ge

Knights of Templar Crusader Short Sword

The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a false edge and sharp point. A ridge runs down the center of the blade. The scabbard is wooden with a brown natural wood finish. The drag of the sword is polished steel. A leather cord has been wrapped around the scabbard. The scabbard throat is polished steel. The guard is 440 Stainless steel in an Oakshott type XVII. The handle is brown natural wood with three steel rings. The pommel of the sword is a disc design with the Crusader Cross in gold. Overall Length: 23 inch.
Our Price $27.99 +S&H ks

Charlemagne Medieval Sword

This sword has a very decorative pommel with lions and art works followed by the wire knit handle and the well decorated guard. The guard is decorated with the head of an unknown animal. The pommel and guard are brass colored. The blade is 440 stainless steel with a mirror polish finish and a vine design on the upper part of the blade on both sides. This sword comes equipped with an enormous wooden sword plaque with the length of 44.5 inch. Overall Length: 40.5 inch.

Our Price $59.99 +S&H ks

Medieval Archer Sword Blade length: 30". Overall length: 40". Handle length: 9" silver .Wood Handle comes with sheath. Blade 440 Stainless Steel. Really excellent quality! Great for reenactments!

Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei

Edward III Medieval Sword
Blade length: 33 1/2". Overall length: 42 1/2". Handle length: 9" Brass .Handle comes with sheath. Blade 440 Stainless steel. Really Excellent quality! Great for reenactments!

Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei

Knight Of Templar Sword Blade length: 33 1/2". Overall length: 41". Handle length: 9" Brass .Handle comes with sheath.440 Stainless steel blade. Another really excellent quality blade! Great for reenactments!

Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei

Fantasy Last Legion Sword & Plaque.

Fantastic Quality and Appearance Like the real sword. Beautiful Heavy Weight Broad sword. Sword & Plaque. Overall Length: 42". Blade Length: 32-1/2". Double Edged, Faux edge, not sharp. Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Coiled Snake on top of blade. Handle Material: Black molded. Hardwood Plaque. Our Price $69.99 +S&H ge

44 1/2 Inch Satan's Sword With Wall Plaque.

A huge sword with an overall length of 44 1/2". 440 stainless steel blade. Handle and guard have an antique silver style look. Includes wood display plaque. Our Price $74.99 +S&H wc

Forgotten Souls Fantasy Sword

Fantasy Sword of The Forgotten Souls.32" overall with a 440 stainless steel blade. Skull designed guard with easy grip handle. This sword also comes with a wood stand.

Our Price $37.99 +S&H cw

Knight’s Field Sword
43" Overall Christian Medieval Sword. This Sword Has Cross Shapes in The Guard And in the center of the pommel recessed to Enhance it is beauty. The Contoured hard Handles are Leather Wrapped For Grip. Comes With Lather Sheath. Our Price $44.99 +S&H ei

Dragon Claw Ball Sword. Giant 52" Sword. Overall Length: 52". Blade Length: 40-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel. Handle has Dragon claw with ball. Handle Material: Antique Silver Finished Cast Metal. Scabbard: Leather custom made. Our Price $64.99 +S&H ge

Medieval Knight Sword Come With Plaque.
44" Overal1 Knight Medieval Sword Come With Plaque. Great design with embellished guard and twisted handle. Our Price $64.99 +S&H ei


Deluxe VIKING SWORD. 36 1/2" OVERALL LENGTH. Viking Sword comes With Hard Scabbard- Leather wrapped. Handle, Brass, Pommel and guard. Good Quality Sword. Our Price $49.99 +S&H ei


New 2009 Barbarian II Sword

This powerful sword would be right at home in the heavy-fisted grip of a rampaging barbarian! This item features a strong 30 1/2" blade that is 1/8" thick and constructed from solid stainless steel. The hardwood handle is flanked with brass-plated accents matching those featured on the pommel. This sword includes a top quality leather over the shoulder sheath and measures 43 1/4" overall. Our Price $49.99 +S&H md


53" Emperor of Darkness Skull Sword & Plaque. A QUALITY Unique and Beautiful Sword. Emperor of darkness with lots of Skulls. A beautifully detail Raven is on the Pommel. Overall Length: 53". Blade Length: 35". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Cast Metal with black hard rubber grips. Hardwood Plaque with fancy SKULL hardware. Our Price $74.99 +S&H ge


Dark Demon Slayer Sword

39 1/2" overall, this two handed sword forgoes the traditional guard for a uniquely designed upper blade that gives this item a truly menacing appearance. The 27 5/8" stainless steel blade features anodized black coating that further adds to this sword’s fantasy appeal. The hardwood handle is black grain and provides a sturdy grip. Our sword is a worthy addition to any fantasy collection! Our Price $39.99 +S&H md




48" “S” Guard Huge And Heavy Claymore Broad Sword. Huge And Heavy Claymore Broad Sword. The overall size is 48" with a blade size of 36". This blade is constructed of stainless steel with a Wooden handle and Brass guard. Type of scabbard: Leather. Our Price $39.99 +S&H si


44" Dragon Overlord Fantasy Sword W/ Scabbard. Dragon Overlord Fantasy Sword. The overall size is 44" with a blade size of 33". This blade is constructed of stainless steel with a Wood handle and S. Steel Dragon guard. Type of scabbard: Leather. 2 Styles To choose from Red Wooden Handle OR Brown Wooden Handle. Our Price $39.99 +S&H si


The Warrior Sword. 37" Warrior Sword. All metal, Full Tang- High Carbon Blade. Handle is red and black cord wrap. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei


Fantasy Dragon Short Sword. 25.5" Over all Fantasy Dragon Sword 440 S S . With decorative ball on handle. Comes with plaque- Made in China. Very distinctive blade and design. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei


Italian Rapier Sword - Medieval Fencing Sword. The blade is polished stainless steel and the grip is stainless wire wrap, a very nice feature. This Fencing sword comes with a custom hard body sheath covered with genuine leather and polished steel trim to match the sword. This sword, because of its great detail and history is a collector's masterpiece. This is a Stainless Steel piece with an ultimate hand guard design. This sword is very solid and well balanced and fully functional as a fencing sword. Our Price $69.99 +S&H ei

52” Golden Claymore Sword

Overall Length: 52". Blade Length 36". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. FANCY Spiral Cut Hardwood Handle with brass Trim. Sheath: Leather Custom Made. Our Price $59.99 +S&H ge

40” Golden Claymore Sword

Overall Length: 40". Blade Length: 29". Double Edged. Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Fancy Twist cut Hardwood , Brass Hardware. Sheath: Leather custom fitted. Our Price $44.99 +S&H ge