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Northstar Collectibles, Swords and Discounts

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Any questions can be sent to:

Email us at the address below about your wants on the website. That way we can make sure that the item you want is in stock BEFORE you purchase it!

Any price differences between our websites will be FINALIZED on the NorthStar Site!

Email us at to inquire or order items. Please send a city and postal code when inquiring about a possible purchase for shipping calculation. You can, also, use this address to sign up at our E-mail for future announcements and you will be added to our list. Your address will NEVER be given out to ANYONE!


12noon-8:00pm CST (Monday -Friday)
 **We are not open on holidays OR weekends**

We are located at:

NorthStar Marketing

124 Church st.

Stoughton, Wi. 53589

We do not have an actual store, however an appointment can be made to purchase/pick up products at our business address.


Sorry about the font problem below... This page was constructed by Jim after a bad bout with the Family's pet Dragon, Fluffy!


The site looks great .... but, also, somewhat outdated! What's up with that?
Well... as we state further down the page we are a more face-to-face customer based company. We like to actually talk with our customers rather than be a faceless internet entity. We have always enjoyed getting to know our customers as more like friends than a sale entry!
This is, also, why we do not automate the site (it, also keeps cost for product to customers way down). We are always trying to update the site to be more user friendly as much as we can. We try to keep up with the internet users and are always finding new ways to keep the site interesting and fresh. We keep cost of product down by maintaining and building the site ourselves and cutting our prices wherever we can WITHOUT cutting quality to the customer!

How much is shipping?
Shipping cost depends on many factors. Where you live, how much you are ordering (Size and Weight) and whether it is international. Please send city and postal code with your wants and we will get back to you ASAP with the total.
Please remember that we DO NOT pre-calculate shipping charges if a product is not in stock! This is because we do not have a current weight and size of that product available to us to use as a reference (in case the new package is larger OR heavier for some reason) and shipping charges are subject to several changes during the year and we can NOT be responsible for any differences in previous calculations! The same goes when a customer wants to order something and he/she waits a long time to complete the order. The shipping charge may change if someone waits over a month's time to send the money for the product.

What method of shipping do you use?
Most items are sent UPS. However, a lot of the smaller items or lighter packages will be shipped USPS First class! Occasionaly, if we are in need of another courrier during busy times, we use Fed Ex. If you have a question reguarding shipping just send an email or call. We will always let you know how it is shipped so you will be prepared for delivery. An email with tracking number and shipping confirmation will be sent.
Remember, we can only send to a real physical address. When inquiring about shipping please DO NOT use a PO Box for UPS or Fed Ex delivery!

NOTE: ANY and ALL international orders will be shipped First Class Air! (NO EXCEPTIONS) This is because of problems we have had in the past with customs and great delays in delivering product to the customer. Regular mail is VERY enreliable from country to country. This First Class Air method costs more, but the guarantee is worth it to most! Please check FIRST to see if we can send a certain item to an overseas location! Customs laws and regulations information is the resposibility of the customer at the location of delivery! We are NOT responsible if an item is ordered and customs will not allow delivery. In this case we will NOT give a refund until item is returned to us first!

Do you ship International?

We are sorry, the only countries we currently ship to other than the United States is Canada.

However, we do make exceptions from time to time it really depends on what you want and your country's customs laws. (Please see above paragraph for more information). We can NOT be responsible for ANY customs changes for any given country and the customer must research any customs related inquiries for their own country. Those regulations can usually be found at their own postal office or their country's regulations via the internet.
The same goes for currency conversion for purchase of items. If you need to send a bank money order, the bank can convert the funds for you at no extra charge. Paypal payments will, also, convert the funds for you when you are setting up the payment amount to send us for purchasing items. We can NOT be responsible for proper conversion when we are responding to inquiries for purchases.

How long does shipping take?

Like shipping cost, the length of time shipping takes will depend on many factors. Your order will generally take 24-48 hours to ship from our warehouse. If you are on the east coast, your order will take from 1-3 days to reach you. If you are in the middle of the US, your order will take about 2-4 days, and if you are on the west coast, about 5-6 days. If an item is shipped internationaly it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for delivery!(plus any customs delays, if any)

Why do you need my email address?

We use your email address to send you updates of your orders status and tracking numbers when your order ships. We have a newsletter that emails when new items arrive and when sales are happening. Other than these reasons, your email address will never be shared, used, or sold at any time... Ever! When you send an inquiry your email is automaticly put in our database for our use. If at any time you want to unsubscribe, please send an email with "unsubscribe" in the heading and it will be deleted!

Why are all of the Northstar sites NOT automated?
Good question!

We do business this way to be more personal and in touch with our clients. Also, our sites are not automated because we want to see if a product is in stock BEFORE you pay for it. That way there is no disappointment and shipping can be figured exactly to fit the order so there is no overcharge. Please send city and postal code if you haven’t already done so along with the product description and we will send back an itemized charge for the product with shipping.

Some products will sell fast and if the one you want is currently out of stock we will do what we can to get it back as soon as possible.
So many times people will send money for an order to another site and find out a day or two later that it was not in stock and then have to wait for the item to come in, sometimes weeks later. Our stock can sell out fast for a lot of our items and we just can't tell from day to day if stock is available from our warehouses. We have several set up for stock and it is nearly impossible to completely have an exact inventory available for and automated cart setup.
Sometimes, occasionally we get a lot of orders for the same item and we do run out. No need to fear... we will gladly refund your money right away or put the money toward another item. Either way we will let you know right away.

All of this may seem like more work on both of our parts and in some way it is, but in the end, you will see that the extra attention that is paid to our customers, whether it is info about an item or just to see what shipping will cost is for a purchase, is well worth the effort. We at Northstarzone want you to be assured that we DO care about everyone and want their internet experience to be a good one. All of our product is guaranteed and we want to be more of someone who you can trust and talk to if you need anything. Even it is seems unimportant at the time, there really is no wrong answer if you feel you need to ask a question!

Does Northstarzone have a mail catalog?
Unfortunatly, no. Our Inventory is constantly changing and a lot of our items sell out too fast and we do not want to take orders without knowing that you will be getting your items as fast as you should. We do try to get stock back in as soon as we can and sometimes will even go to other places to secure the order and ship it out. If the latter happens the price will NOT be affected. Even if your order comes from two different warehouses we will not charge two different prices for shipping. It will be calculated as if it were shipping from one site.

What method of payment do you take?
We take money orders and in state checks (Wisconsin) sent to:
Northstar Marketing
124 Church st.
Stoughton, Wi. 53589
For credit card orders: We accept payments through Paypal and Google Checkout. (To cut costs to our customers we do not take card orders over the phone)
NOTE: Any money orders or checks must clear our bank BEFORE item ships.

(This may take 5 - 7 days)

How do I track my order?
When you order is shipped we send you an email with the tracking number. You can paste the number into the track order box at chosen link below!

However, If the item is shipped USPS for some items listed, tracking information will NOT be available. However, mailing confirmation will be sent to you with any other post office information!

Do You sell wholesale or dropship items?
We do offer items at a discounted rate lower than our advertised rates for larger orders or multiple items (please inquire by email for rates or quantities), however, we DO NOT dropship items for our customers unless it is pre-arranged BEFORE the order is paid. For example: You want to send an order to a friend or family member. In this case please send THEIR address for shipping calculations when placing the order!

There are so many websites that sell Collectibles. Why should I buy from Northstarzone?

Customer service. You will never find a more dedicated business to serving its customers than us. You can get in contact with us in a variety of ways 24/7.

Price. You will find it hard to beat our prices!

Products. We carry the products that YOU want. We listen to customer questions and comments and we care about having the products that you demand. If you ever see another product elsewhere, or would like to see us carry a product we don't have, just ask and we will do our best to secure it for you.

Reliability. We have been serving Collectors for over 30 years with the products and customer service they deserve. We will always be here to answer your questions and bring you the satisfaction that you have always wanted from an online shopping experience.

We want to bring collectors, big and small, old and young, together and we like to try to make our items as available and affordable to anyone who wants them. We have economy styles, as well as, certified items in stock for all types of collectors.

Why are some items duplicated on certain pages with different pricing?
Sometimes the answer is the simplest.... We goofed! However, if you see that the description is the same and the pricing is different, that is most likely an oversight on the office person's side. In this case the item is ussually restocked and our cost went up. This sometimes results in a "double listing" and then the newer listing is the one we go by for sales. The listing person just didn't know or just overlooked the listing and then we catch it later on. Sometimes it may look identical, but some dimension or description may have changed slightly and this will cause another listing to be made.
 In any case if you find an identical listing for any product that has 2 different prices, and it is in stock, we will give the customer a discount on said product for catching our mistake. This is our "thank you" for helping us build a better site.

Are the items you sell legal?

All of the items we sell are legal for sale in the United States, however each state has their own laws as far as what can be purchased and imported within their jurisdiction. If you are using your weapon for a custume or convention event you may need to purchase a wooden replica. Most public places DO NOT allow metal weapons for a costume or cosplay accessory!
We cannot possibly know if the items you intend to purchase are legal where you live. Please contact your local government or customs officials to find out if it is illegal to own and import the items you wish to buy from us. If you purchase something from us and it is not legal for import, customs may seize your shipment and your items may never reach you.

Is Northstarzone a reputable business?

We have been in business for over 35 years and have an established track record for serving collectors with the products, prices and service they deserve. Our prices are fair and our customer service is top notch. You will never be treated as a third rate customer with us, everyone is considered number one priority.

What sword or weapon is right for me?

There are many factors to take in when Buying a sword. Do you want the sword just for display or is it a sword you would consider "Using"? Do you like the Samurai Style swords or are you more into medieval designs? We have put a lot of time into making our category descriptions to be as informative as possible. Read! We think you will answer your own questions as to which sword is right for you if you take your time and read each description.

How can I contact Northstarzone Directly?
You can contact us anytime by sending an email to: or call Monday through Friday CST. 12 noon - 8:00 pm. Don't be afraid of our Voice Mail message... it was meant to bring a smile into our customer's lives! Sometimes because of certain "busy times" it may be easier to email us if we cannot be reached by phone. We try to get back by phone from messages left on our machine, but sometimes it may take a little while longer. We apologize in advance if this does happen. We are always shifting work to areas that need us most at that time!

**Any further questions may be answered by reading the "order info" page about our policies. If yo still have a question please feel free to contact us at the above address or phone number.**


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Thanks for visiting our site! We want your collecting time to be an enjoyable one!!!