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Northstar Collectibles, Swords and Discounts

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The search engine below is just a simple search engine and will only allow you to see if any item(s) you may be interested in are available or listed. It will, also, show you which page the item(s) are on. Some items may, however, be listed under multiple headings.


If you may be interested in Anime, Steampunk, Electronics, CosPlay or Costuming and Accessories, Fantasy Gifts, Tech items, Jewelry, Clothing, Premium Weapons, new and used Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Collectibles, Comics, Books or MOST ANY OTHER Fantasy type collectible or lifestyle please check out the Nav-bar at left or our other shopping sites listed on our LINKS page or HOME page!

The Northstarzone family would like to thank you for visiting our site and welcome you to come back soon and check out our ever growing line of collectibles and weapons, as well as our other miscellaneous items!

We do not have an actual store, however an appointment can be made to purchase/pick up products at our business address.

We also specialize in anime and game swords from Inuyasha, Final Fantasy, Bleach, Zelda, Naruto, Soul Caliber, Dragon Ball Z and many more!

Check out our HUGE line of Movie based swords and daggers. From Blade to Underworld and many more!

Please check the order info page BEFORE you order!!!

We strive to give you an excellent shopping experience and a great selection of merchandise at a great price!


We offer a wide selection of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror memorabilia and weapons. Most of our items are from the 1960's to the present, and are from all your favorite TV/Movie genres. A lot of our items are from a vast private collection and are limited to only a few of each item. You will find those items listed in separate categories and listed so you will be able to see at a glance what we may have available. If the item is there you can then E-mail us to verify issue, series, model and so forth. There are MANY items so don't be shy, we are here to give you the best service!

Some of the categories are:

Cards and Comics

Posters and Videos

Action Figures

Books and Magazines

Special Items

The other items we have will be readily available as long as we are able to keep them in stock, like the swords and daggers, dolls, electronics and so forth. The shopping cart will assist you with those items.

All items listed will be sold as described (mint, new, MIP, etc.) or in "as is" condition. All damaged items or shipping problems will be notified to seller within 2 days of receipt of the item and returns must be shipped back to us within 10 days for an exchange or in store credit. **NOTE: Please read "The Small Print" on our Order Info page for our policies!

All items sold will have standard shipping charges added to the purchase price. If you want something shipped other than UPS ground or 1st class USPS please let us know before the sale is finalized. The appropriate charges can be added.

NOTE: Some items we ship from another location!

Please feel free to ask about our volume discount available on most items!

All swords, knives, daggers or other weapons will not be sold to ANYONE under the age of 18. Purchase of said items will imply that said buyer is of age of consent.

Northstarzone is not liable for how the material or weapons are used that are purchased on this website.

Thank you for shopping with us and feel free to come back soon. If you need to contact us please see the "contact us" page.

                   Below is a couple of our banners to watch out for on the internet.




The Northstarzone Family Photo album!

Colleen and Amber at a photo sesion with a couple of pets. Brandon the dog and Tyler "Fatty" the cat!

Mistress Colleen for Halloween '09.

The "Crew" for Halloween '09

Colleen and "Santa Fatty"

Mark and Jordan after the Snow storm of December '09.

Brandon the "Wonder Dog" or better known as "Woggy".

Amber and "Friend".

Tyler "Fatty" the guard cat!


Angelique (front), Jordan (middle), and Rose (rear) getting ready for another busy day!


Timmy getting ready to brave the HUGE snowstorm at the end of 2008!


Amber in one of her "Killer Bunny" moods...

Pics below are of our first outdoor sale of 2005. We had a great turnout and ALOT of excellent items found new homes. Thank you to everyone who came to see us!





Blademaster Jim trying out some new wares! Ohh, calamity! Always trying to fix what isn't broken...


Angel FH ready for a day at the Wiscon SF Convention.


Here is our Home! (At least for now or until we can get a better picture.)


One of our favorite hobbies!


One our favorite castles. Highlander fans should remember this one!