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This page is being relisted with our "CORE" products in the lower part of this page and will be relisted as they become restocked! Please come back later for checking on these products...

Northstar Collectibles, Swords and Discounts

HMS Britannia Replica Dagger

HMS Britannia Replica Dagger. Overall Length: 17-1/4". Blade Length: 10-1/2". 440 Stainless Steel blade, etched and engraved on both sides, not sharp. Handle Material: Faux Ivory wrapped with gold wire. British Lions head cast in handle with silver finish, large tassel. Hard Scabbard with silver finished metal stamped with CHIEF CAPTAINS PRIZE, AWARDED TO MR.C.R. PEPLOE, HMS BRITANNIA, DECEMBER 1905.

Our Price $24.99 +S&H ge

Deluxe British Commando Fighting Knife
British Commando Fighting Knife. Double Edge Blade dagger 11" Overall 6.5" Black Blade 6.4MM blade thickness. Wood handle. Comes With Leather Sheath.

Our Price $24.99 +S&H ei

Medieval Kings Dagger

Intricately Detailed Kings Dagger

Blade: Double edged Stainless Steel, sharp. Overall Length: 13-1/2". Blade Length: 7-5-8". Handle Black with Antique Gold Finished Metal. Hard Scabbard- Antique Gold finished metal trim to match handle.

Our Price $14.99 +S&H ge

2011 Black Blade CLAW DAGGER
11.5" Overall. Black blade CLAW DAGGER with ABS Handle. Very Sharp. Come with nylon sheath. New sleek design!

Our Price $17.99 +S&H ei

19" Pirate's Dagger of Death
Pirate's Dagger, 19" Overall. Blade 19" Sharp. Curved With Engraved Flying Pirate of Death. Handle Thickness 1 1/4". Custom Made Leather Sheath. Orange Handle.

Our Price $19.99 +S&H ei

Feline Spirit Knife in Black Box
5" x 3.5" are the all black box dimensions, 7" is the overall length of the knife, Nice item w/ an even nicer price!!

Our Price $7.99 +S&H mi

Unique Decorative Letter Opener
1st Quality - s.s. - 10.5" length - nice knife stand incl. - Excellent design & great look - Great Price !!!!!! All metal! Comes in Grim Reaper (as shown), Howling Wolf OR Standing Elk.

Our Price $11.99/each +S&H mi

Hunter's Dream Hand painted folder.
1st Quality - beautiful design -laser etched deer on both sides of the 5" handle & 3.5" blade - side lock - pocket clip - also on both sides is a rifle - great for hunters and collectors - Hot Seller - Great Piece & Price!!! Comes in Deer (as shown) OR Ducks.

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

Fire Skull Karambit Knife
1st Quality - Excellent display box - s.s. blade - overall length 8" - intense design - Excellent craftsmanship - beautiful nylon sheath - Great Price!!!

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

Templar Warrior Decorative Dagger

Own a piece of history of the Knights Templar Warriors in your own home. This is the Knights Templar Fierce Warrior Decorative Dagger. This dagger is full of details and history. The pommel of this dagger is made as a shape of the Knights Templar Armor Helmet with the golden cross on a darkened mirror polish stainless steel finish. The upper crossguard looks like the shoulder of the Knight wearing the Armor Helmet. The handle is adorned with an off white ivory color ABS material with a black indentation of the Cross. The Quillion or Guard is full of details. It features a darkened stainless steel finish with a horse head on both ends of the quillion followed by a silver cross indentation. The horse head is adorned with beautiful gold finish. The blade features a satin finish double sharp edge with a black cross design on the fuller or cannelure. The Scabbard of this dagger is just an amazing piece. Adorned with beautiful gold color insignia over a blacked stainless steel finish, the scabbard will definitely make head turns. The scabbard also includes a connecting ring for easy hanging or carrying. This is a must own dagger for any collector or enthusiasts alike.
Overall Length: 14.5 inch
Handle Length: 5.85 inch
Blade Length: 8.5 inch
Pommel Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: ABS
Scabbard Material: Stainless Steel with Golden Finish
Our Price $21.99 +S&H ks

Full Tang Tactic Dagger
18" Overall. Full Tang Tactic Dagger. 440 Stainless steel blade. Wood handle comes with nylon sheath. Comes in Natural (as shown) OR Black wood handle.

Our Price $24.99/each +S&H ei

Skull Destiny Pocket Knife
1st quality - Nice display box - very futuristic Look - side lock - pocket clip - s.s. - 5" handle - 3.75" blade - the skull is incredible - Excellent action - Great Price!!!

Our Price $11.99 +S&H mi

Demon Chopper Dagger
1st Quality - Excellent display box - beautiful plaque w/ skull head holders - overall length 13" - there's a lot of skulls & metal here - Great Price!!!

Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi

Mermaid Song Dagger
1st Quality - well packed - s.s. - overall length 15.5" - beautiful colors - intense design - Excellent craftsmanship - check out the awesome detail - Great Price!!!

Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi

Black Slayer -Full Tang Machete
1st Quality - 440 s.s. - 22" long - nice nylon sheath w/ belt loop - Excellent rubber grip - Excellent weight - Excellent action - great camping/survival/tactical machete.

Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi

Demon Scalper Set -2 Piece
1st Quality - Excellent display box - overall length 15" - 4mm thick blade - this set offers two solid s.s. blades w/ acid etching - bead wrapped design & beautiful Native American sheath - Great Price!!!

Our Price $29.99 +S&H mi


Our Price $37.99 +S&H si


Our Price $19.99 +S&H si


Our Price $19.99 +S&H si


Our Price $24.99 +S&H si

Scorpion Lord Dagger
1st Quality - Intense design - Incredible handle. - Awesome 440 s.s. - Triple color blade - You want a monster, you want fantasy, & you want wicked here you go - Overall length 21" - comes w/ stand - Great price!!!

Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

2010 Fantasy Alien Dagger
16"Overall Fantasy Alien Dagger. 440 Stainless steel blade. Comes with table stand. Very unique and sturdy design. A MUST for Alien fans!

Our Price $24.99 +S&H ei

Twin Eagle Claws

Twin Eagle Claws Feature:

Stainless steel blades. Silver metal eagle head guards. Resin handles.

Comes with display stand.

Measurements: Overall: 9 1/2" Each Stand: 14" wide Height on stand: 10 1/4"

Our Price $47.99 +S&H sm


Our Price $29.99 +S&H si

Azan Death God Skull Dagger Stand & Dagger

The Death God displays his power using this dagger and stand display. A red dragon surrounds a skull, as death is not avoidable. This stand can be put on display on a desk or other flat surface. It is a very unique piece or art, yet a proper display of power and dominance. A dagger fits vertically into the top of the stand. The dagger is made of Zinc Aluminum and stands proudly from the Resin stand. Specifications: Overall Length: 14.5 Inches

Our Price $29.99 +S&H ks

2010 Celtic Pocket Knife
1st quality - Great design - 440s.s. - Excellent action - excellent look - side lock - 5" handle. - 3" blade - Great Collectible knife - Great Price!!!

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

Dragon’s Edge Dagger/Blade.
1st quality -well packed - Intense blade - overall length 16" - Excellent stand - Great dragon design, Heavy Metal - The blade is to breath Fire for!!! - Great Price!!!

Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

Dragon Talon Dagger
Best Quality - A dragon collectors must have - 13" X 5" - life like scales make the handle. Feel the authentic Display of the Dragon‘s Power- Comes w/ stand - Awesome Price!!!

Our Price $34.99 +S&H mi

Wolf Pack Dagger
1st quality - Excellent display. box - well packed - Beautiful dagger depicting wolves @ their best - overall length 13" - Stand up dagger - Great for decorations or wolf collectors - Faux marble look for handle and scabbard. Great Price!!!

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

18” Handmade Hunting Knife.

Hand Made Heavy duty knife. Overall Length: 18-1/2". Blade Length: 13-1/2". Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Multi Colored Hardwood- Brass Trim. Sheath: Custom Made Real Tooled Leather. Our Price $19.99 +S&H ge

Steampunk Dagger
1st quality - Very different - Very decorative collectable dagger - overall length 17.5" - Excellent plaque - There a lot of metal. here done right - weighted great - Great Price!! Nice for show or showing off!

Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi

15” Fantasy Master Bowie Knife

Full Tang Fantasy Master Bowie Knife. Overall Length: 15". Blade Length: 9-1/2". Blade Material: Stainless Steel. Handle Material: Pakawood Riveted, with Stainless Steel Trim. Sheath: Custom Made Ballistic Nylon.

Our Price $21.99 +S&H ge

Steampunk Fantasy Pocket knife.
4.5" Closed Alum. Handle Pocket knife Come with pocket Clip. Comes Serrated (as shown) OR Regular blade.

Our Price $14.99/each +S&H ei

Steampunk Revolver / Dagger
1st Quality - Overall length 14" - Intense designed blade - Excellent stand - nice display box - Great pc. - Great seller - Great price!!! Unique design! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

Lancelot Round Table Dagger

Sir Lancelot Dagger has a tempered steel blade, very large at the base, suddenly narrowing toward the point with a fuller (groove) on each side. The intricately detailed hilt is made in silver plated metal with metal decorations. The guard features the Holy Grail shielded between beautiful Celtic knot work. A heraldic lion crests the pommel and joins the silver wire wrapped leather hand grip. Overall length: 14 Inches. Our Price $17.99 +S&H ks

Arabian Scimitar Knife

It features a full tang construction riveted down to two piece of colored treated wood handle where the tang is visible followed by the authentic brass hilt. The blade features a satin finish scimitar style 440 stainless steel blade. It comes sharp. This item comes with a genuine green leather sheath with belt loop and stitch designs. Overall Length: 18 inch. Our Price $19.99 +S&H ks

Ornate Medieval Crusader Knights Dagger

Our Crusader Medieval Dagger features a solid built with lots of detailing design. This Dagger features a Knight's Helmet followed by the brown glossy finish handle with the exquisite cross guard featuring a Crusader Knight. The blade is satin finish, factory sharpen on both sides, and carries a ridge line down the center. The scabbard has been highly crafted with Metal Bolster and Fittings. Overall Length: 14”.

Our Price $17.99 +S&H ks

Nepalese Khukri Hunting Knife w/ Sheath

This large menacing khukri has a viciously shaped blade that can hack through the deepest jungle or be at home in the midst of a melee.

The stainless steel construction of this khukri makes it a valuable tool or an excellent addition to any collection.

Features include:

440 Stainless Steel black coated blade measures 15.75 inches.

Handle is composed of hardwood and measures 1.75 x 6.875 x 1.5 inches.

Sheath is made of nylon and measures 21.625 x 3.625 x .75 inches.

Overall dimensions: 22. x 2.6 x 1.5 inches.

Our Price $37.99 +S&H tc

White Gold Dragon Fantasy Dagger With Stand
It has a beautiful bowie style blade. The blade has a fire breathing dragon pattern edged on it with red eyes. The handle is made of zinc/aluminum alloy. At the blade end it has a beautiful dragon cast which tapers onto the handle end. In the mid the handle has a black leather grip for a comfy fit. Overall Length: 15 Inches Approx, Blade Length: 9.5 Inches Approx, Handle Length: 5.5 Inches Approx, Comes with a Stand. Our Price $29.99 +S&H si

Panther- Dragon Fish Hook Fantasy Dagger.
It has a beautiful bowie style blade with a Fish hook. The blade has a black dragon wing pattern edged on it. The handle is made of zinc/aluminum alloy. The handle is a huge Dragon with its tail curving to cover the front of your fingers. Overall Length: 16 Inches Approx, Blade Length: 10 Inches Approx, Handle Length: 6 Inches Approx, Comes with a Stand. Our Price $39.99 +S&H si

14" Over all. BLACK WIDOW BOWIE. Knife Come W/sheath. Great collector blade with nice design.

Our Price $24.99 +S&H ei

Regal Dress and Field Dagger.

This 15 1/2" dagger is equipped with a satin finished blade constructed from stainless steel. The wire wrapped handle is a mirror image of similar models used during close quarter combats centuries ago. The guard and pommel are solid cast zinc and aluminum. Includes a custom impact resistant sheath.

Our Price $31.99 +S&H ei

Deluxe Dragon Guardian Dagger
1st quality - Excellent Look - Excellent blade - everything is perfect - overall length 15.5" - Nice stand - Nice display. box - Great Price!!! Our Price $34.99 +S&H mi

2009 Dragon Fire Dagger
1st quality - Nice display box -Ck. out this dagger New, HOT, Ready to sell - overall length 10" - ck. out the blades & the Excellent New design - Great Price!!! Our Price $34.99 +S&H mi

2009 Dragon Ryder Folder.
1st quality - Intense Collectible - The craftsmanship is incredible - side lock handle. length 4" - blade length 3.25" Great Price!!! Our Price $9.99 +S&H mi

Cobra Force Dagger.
1st quality - Nice display box - Excellent craftsmanship & design - w/ stand- ck. out the blade design - The handle. is incredible - overall length 13.5" - Great Price!!! Our Price $27.99 +S&H mi

Spyder Claw Fantasy Dagger
1st quality - Excellent display box - great stand - Excellent design & craftsmanship - overall length 13.5" - Great handle. work - Excellent Blade work - Great Price!!! Our Price $34.99 +S&H mi

Deadite Skull Dagger & Stand

It has two sharp stainless steel blades dripped in blood and adorned with skeletal mosaic, that is on each side of the Skull face with the Deadite's hands curling on the inside of the blades. It can easily be carried in your hands with a snug fit or displayed with a beautiful wooden table display for your home.Specifications: Blade Length: 4“.

Inner Diameter: 4.5“. Outer Diameter: 6.5“.

Our Price $29.99 +S&H ss

Double Fang Dagger

The Double Fang is an exclusive design from master knife designer, Robert Shiflett. Featuring two 5" razor sharp stainless steel blades with a unique hawk bill design. The sculpted impact resistant handle features a futuristic layered effect which opens and stretch 12" in overall length.
A) Overall Length: 12 "
B) Blade Length: 5 " razor sharp stainless steel
C) Item Includes: Table Display

Our Price $21.99 +S&H ks

Mason Dagger / Short Sword

Beautiful heavy duty Masons Dagger / Short Sword. Overall Length: 21-1/4". Blade Length: 13-1/4". Blade Material: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, not sharp. Handle Material: Cast Metal Gold Finish, red velvet grips. Our Price $34.99 +S&H ge

King Solomon Dagger / Short Sword

Beautiful heavy duty Masons Dagger / Short Sword. Overall Length: 21-1/4". Blade Length: 13-1/4". Blade Material: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, not sharp. Handle Material: Cast Metal Gold Finish, red velvet grips. Our Price $34.99 +S&H ge

Red Duelin' Dragonz
1st quality-Well packed- Sweet Disp. Box- 10" x 7.5"- Nice plaque - The knife splits into 2 pcs. AWESOME - GREAT PRICE!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

Dragon Excaliber Sword /plaque. Great Letter Opener. Cast fiber. Overall Length 12" High by 8" wide. Sword is 11-3/4" long, Blade length 8-1/2". Sword has detailed cast metal handle and stainless steel blade. The detail on the dragons is very good. Our Price $19.99 +S&H ge

Pendragon Dagger. Pendragon Dagger Overall Length: 13-1/2". Blade Length: 7-1/2". Blade Material: Stainless Steel Double edged. Handle Material: Cast metal with antique finish, Black nylon grips. Our Price $14.99 +S&H ge

18 Inch Theseus Dagger w/ Stand

The Masters of Fantasy have replicated the dagger of the Greek hero Theseus. This mythological dagger was used to slay the Minotaur and end the ghastly tribute of human sacrifice on the isle of Crete. Theseus rescued the lovely Ariadne form the hands of her wicked father ending his hateful life with this 18 inch dagger. The blade measures 12 inches of steel and is perfect for any reenactment of this epic battle. Features:

18 inches overall

Representation of mythological dragon carved into the hilt

The 12 inch blade is etched with the dragon’s fire

Includes Fantasy Master stand for display

Our Price $47.99 +S&H md

Dragon Almighty Dagger. 1st quality - well packed - Excellent stand - Excellent design - Overall a great dragon dagger - A must have in the collection - overall length 21.5" - Ck. out the blade -Great Price!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

Dragon Legend Dagger. 1st quality - Nice display box - Excellent stand - overall length 17" - Great Price!!! Nice design- very sturdy! Our Price $24.99 +S&H mi

Knights Gold Dagger. Beautifully detailed Knight's Dagger. Stainless Steel Blade, Double edged, not sharp. Overall Length in Scabbard: 13-3/4". Blade Length: 7-7/8". faux Ivory handle with imprint on both sides. Gold Finished Cast Metal trim. Hard Scabbard: Custom brown plastic with Gold metal Trim. Comes in Gold Velvet lined paper box. Comes in Gold (as shown) OR Silver. Our Price $17.99 +S&H/each ge

Bat Dagger Extreme. 1st quality - Excellent craftsmanship - Excellent design - Excellent handle, blade & stand - Overall length 18" - a true collectible - if you don’t have one of these you just don’t have it - Great Price!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi

Photon Black Blade. Photon Black Blade. Comes With Stand. 16+ “ in length. Made in China. Authentic Original Paul Ehlers Design. Very Unique. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei


2009 Dragon Bowie Knife

A raging dragon screams from the sky and across the blade of this unique Bowie. Finely detailed, full color art bursts from the 8” blade. The fantasy guard and pommel accent the smooth black grip. Includes display stand. 12 1/2” overall.

Our Price $21.99 +S&H md


2009 Silver Dragon Bowie Knife

This custom design features a sculptured dragonhead handle with realistic engravings. The 7 7/8" blade is constructed from stainless steel with a matte finish. The coordinating blade sheath features custom dragon artwork originally drawn by fantasy artist Clyde and accented with red jewel. 12 7/8" overall.

Our Price $17.99 +S&H md


Spiked Dragon Tail Bowie Knife
A dragon's tail is one of his most powerful defense mechanisms. With that in mind we have created a unique, fully functional fantasy bowie. Equipped with a curved, 16" spiked blade constructed from stainless steel with leather and steel spacers. The smooth black grip is accented with a cast metal intricately designed dragon head pommel. Stretches 25" overall. Includes tabletop display stand.

Our Price $27.99 +S&H md


Alien Dagger with display plaque. 11" overall. 6 1/2" blade. -alien dagger w/ display plaque. -Stainless steel blade. Great detail and design. Our Price $24.99 +S&H si




" Bat Winged Spike Dagger " 9" overall with stand. This Spike Dagger has the shape of a bats wings. Features stylized blade and horns. 9" Overall in length. Our Price $19.99 +S&H si


The Dragon Claw Split Dagger. The Dragon Claw Split Dagger has a simulated horn handle that is wire wrapped and very sharp on both sides of the blade. Also, not forgetting the Blood Groove running down the center that will change any attitude. It has claws as the guard and a very comfortable horn handle that is accented with a beautiful pommel. Overall Length: 13 Inches. Blade Length: 7 Inches All metal construction 440 Stainless steel sharpened. Item Includes: Custom Made Leather Sheath. Our Price $14.99 +S&H si


9 1/2" Double Horus Dagger W/ Plaque. 9 1/2" Overall in length. "Double Horus" Fantasy Dagger comes with the wooden wall Plaque. Nice design. Our Price $19.99 +S&H si


NEW 17 1/4" Space Dagger 3000 With Plaque. 17 1/4" Overall in length. "Space Dagger 3000". Comes with the wooden wall Plaque. Nice weight and design. Our Price $24.99 +S&H si


NEW Galactic Starship Dagger Comes with the Plaque. 20" Overall in length. " Galactic Starship Dagger ". Comes with the wooden wall plaque. Great design and details. Our Price $29.99 +S&H si


Slayer Dragon Dagger. 17.25" Slayer Dragon Dagger Come With Mini Knife. 440 steel. Nice detail and strength. Comes in brown OR black (as shown) Handle and scabbard. Our Price $44.99 +S&H ei


NEW Fantasy Dragon Claw. 7 X 4" Fantasy Claw Dagger Come with Stand. Our Price $29.99 +S&H ei


King’s Medieval Dagger. 1st quality - Nice display box - Xcellent detail & craftsmanship - overall length 14" - Great Price!!! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


Dark Rider Medieval Dagger. 1st quality - Nice display box - Xcellent detail & craftsmanship - overall length 14" - Great Price!!! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi




Skullz Dual Dagger Set. 1st quality - Packed well - 2 440 s.s. 16" daggers unite at handles to form a GIANT 32" Fantasy Dagger - Incredible detail comes w/ stand - Great Price!!! Our Price $39.99 +S&H mi


9" Jeweled Scottish Dirk. Beautiful Woven Look Metal Handle with Jewel. Overall Length 9". Heavy Weight 440 Stainless Steel Blade, 3/16" thick. Metal Handle with Woven look, Large Jewel mounted in end. Blade: Double Edged look- but only sharp on one edge. Black Hard Scabbard with silver finished trim. Our Price $19.99 +S&H ge


Dragon Force Pocket Knife. 1st quality - 440 s.s. side lock - pocket clip - Excellent construction - Heavy Duty - 4.5" handle. - 3.5" blade - Great Price!!! Our Price $9.99 +S&H mi


Deluxe Wolf Dagger Collectible.1st quality - nice disp. box - packed well - Massive 15" dagger, heavily decorated - Ck. out all the detail, its endless - from the blade to the hndl. to the stand - Great Price!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi *Comes in Wolf (as shown) Or Deer*


Dragon Land Lockblade Knife. 1st quality - Nice intricate detail on both sides of hndl. Beautifull blade engravings 440ss -side lock- Back bone of knife has an Intense diamond pattern - hndl. 4.50" blade length 3" - Great Price!!! Our Price $11.99 +S&H mi


Dragonz Hold Dual blade pocket knife. 1st quality - 440 s.s. blades - side locks - pocket clip - 5" hndl. - 4" blade - Xcellent quality - Dual blades - Great Price!!! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


Castle Keep Dagger. 1st quality - 21.25" overall length - Great handle. - Nice blade - Nice detail - Great Price!!! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


21 inch Dragon Fantasy Dagger with 4 Pronged Claw Hilt
21 inch Dagger - High quality!

Rubber grip

Four pronged hilt

Blade: 13 inches

Hilt: 8 inches

Very nice collector piece and VERY functional.

Our Price $49.99 +S&H tc


Quad Fantasy Dragon Dagger knife. 18.5" Overall 10.75"Blade.Fantasy Dragon Dagger knife Come with stand made in china. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei


22” Super Fire dragon Dagger. Fire dragon dagger come with stand- made in china. Great detail and very sturdy piece. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ei


Dragon Dagger Letter Opener With Metal Sheath
Handle & Sheath is accentuated with artistic polished silver dragon designs

Knife Specs:
Overall Length: 11 1/2"
Blade Length: 5 1/4"
Blade Thickness: 1/8"
Handle Material: Polished Steel with Artistic Dragon Design

Our Price $14.99 +S&H tc-mi


2 pc. Slash Set. 1st quality - Nice Sheath - 2 blades - 26" & 18" - Nice sharp blades, Sharp lookin' design - Great Price!!! Our Price $24.99/set +S&H mi


Golden Dragon Claw Dagger - 14 inches Stand included

Like Dragons? Good. This Tom Anderson designed dagger, measuring over 14 inches, will certainly suit your fancy. The amazingly designed and acid etched stainless steel blade is mounted in the dagger’s handle featuring a magnificent dragon claw guard, a dragon talon finger grip, elegant piano a lacquered black handle, and a intricate dragon pommel. The Dragon Claw Dagger comes with a handsome black lacquered stand with red flame designs. A must have for any dragon lover.

7.5 inch blade

Golden dragon head hilt

Acid etched blade

2 color fire etched wooden stand

Our Price $39.99 +S&H tc


Medieval Ranger Dagger. 1st quality - nice disp. box - well packed - overall length 14" - Xcellent dagger - Looks Great - Feels Great - & a Great Price!!! - Where class & comfort meet ! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


Vampire Lord Dagger. 9" X 8.25" Vampire Dagger. Comes with Display Stand. Our Price $29.99 +S&H ei


The Sting. 1st quality - Nice disp. box - well packed - coffin shaped stand - overall length 16" - Looks Great - Great Price!!! Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi