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Northstar Collectibles, Swords and Discounts

We offer a selection of unique and quality guns and accessories at rock bottom prices! Dealing mainly in historical and futuristic replicas!

Due to so many different state and city laws, as well as, certain people that insist on trying to get away with using airsoft guns to commit crimes, we will be severely limiting our airsoft selection and supply. We will not be responsible for checking any local laws when orders are made. PLEASE check your local laws to be sure that we can sell or you can receive the items you will want or inquire about!


Airsoft guns are available to anyone over the age of 18 only and ordering from us implies that you are of the age of consent and we will not be responsible for any incidents.
Please read the Small Print on the Home page for more information and for ordering. These guns sell fast and some delay may occur when ordering. (We will let you know before order is placed.)

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use cheap BBs in the electric guns because it can jam and strip the piston gears! Only buy quality seamless BBs. Ours are quality only! All guns come in storage boxes and are quality built. All guns are 1/1 ratio models of actual firearms.

Sniper Airsoft Rifle- Pro Max
Nice quality spring rifle, heavy - Shoots approx. 250 FPS, adjustable hop up - overall length 39". Comes w/ battery operated scope & LED light - Excellent, New Great Price!!!

Our Price $59.99 +S&H mi

German WWII Schmeisser Spring Fire Replica Gun
1st quality - Excellent display box - 180 fps - the clip holds 23 b.b's - Excellent airsoft - Nice collectible - Great Price!! -

Our Price $19.99 +S&H mi

Metal Airsoft Broomhandle Mauser
Excellent looks, very well made by CYMA- broom handle pistol. Very solid. Shoots approx. 200 feet per second. Excellent replica, Excellent airsoft - overall length 13" - Great Price!!!

Our Price $29.99 +S&H mi

New Edition Series L85 Air Soft Spring Lord. New Edition High Performance Spring Air soft Series L85 Air Soft Spring Lord. 2 Tone Black and Light Green Body Frame. Really nice combat gun, very dependable. Our Price $54.99 +S&H ei


Stunt Studio Semi Auto Rifle w/Grenade Launcher
Features include heavy duty metal magazine, adjustable hop up system, magazine capacity is 60 rounds, fully adjustable rear sight, removable carrying handle for optical mount, 3 front tactical rails, grenade launcher capacity is 10 rounds, extra storage in the stock for spare battery, and 2000 count BB’s.
Our Price $124.99 +S&H md


Auto Electric Airsoft Gun P-90. 20" x 7 1/2" overall, and weighs 2 pounds. This Airsoft gun has a 400 round- easy loading, NiCad battery pack, charger, silencer, flashlight and red-dot laser sight. It includes a carry strap and shooting glasses. This series P-90 is a lot more durable and faster than its D-90 predecessor. (below, near bottom of page) Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei


HGA-118EBSL Heavy weight single action spring pistol. As shown in box.

Length: 220 m/m
Capacity: 16 rounds
Width: 38 m/m
Velocity: 200-220 FPS
Height: 140 m/m
Hop Up: No
Weight: Approximately 620 g
Auto/Semi Auto: No
Blowback: No
Material: ABS resin+ Zinc metal
Package Dimension: 7 x 11 x 2
Power Source: Air Spring

Our Price $29.99 +S&H si


Airsoft - Grenade Launcher. 1st quality - Xcellent disp. box - Massive 18.5" length - Intense Spring Action - batt. oper. scope - laser ptr. - comes w/ 200 paintball bebes - and hard shell bebes too - all tools included - GREAT PRICE!!! Our Price $19.99 +S&H