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Skull - Mania Knife Ring
1st Quality - 3.25" single edged blade - brand new heavy metal gothic design - Nice for that extra added attention getter! Great fit on index or middle finger as well as thumb - Great Price!!!

Our Price $9.99 +S&H mi

GIANT Medieval Executioner’s Axe

Giant 48-1/2" Executioners Axe. Stainless Steel Head with black finish, not sharp. Overall Length: 48-1/2". Blade length 17". Head Width: 11". Handle: Hardwood, Faux Leather Wrapped.

Our Price $41.99 +S&H ge

New 2011 Double Edged Battle Axe

Stainless Steel Head, Double Edged Battle Axe. Overall Length: 27". Head Width: 10".

Blade Edge Width:7-1/4".

Blade is sharp. Handle: Hardwood wrapped with Black & brown faux leather. Imported from China. Comes in Silver head and light handle (as shown) OR Black head with dark wood handle.

Our Price $27.99 +S&H/each ge

Decorative Medieval Battle Axe


Steel axe head
 Horse design on head
Grooved wooden handle

Great decor item.

Measurements: Head: 8 1/2" Overall: 25"

Our Price $39.99 +S&H sm

Razorback Dragon Handblade
1st quality - well packed, brand new design - Excellent craftsmanship - Great blades - Great Look - overall height 9" - Great Price!!! Really unique design!

Our Price $29.99 +S&H mi


Is It Dead Yet? Huge Carbon Steel Machete/ Sword!

Full Tang, CARBON STEEL Machete / Sword. Overall Length: 29-1/2". Blade Length: 21-1/2". Blade Material: Carbon Steel with Black Finish, Sharp!

Blade is a massive 1/4" thick. Hardwood & Cord Wrapped Handle.

Sheath: Ballistic Nylon with harness. A Truly Massive Tool or Weapon! If there ever were a Zombie Apocalypse, I am sure that you would NEVER have to ask: Is IT Dead Yet? …After using this powerful weapon!

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

Alien Slayer Futuristic Spiked Tri-Blade Hand Claw.
16 1/2 “ overall. Constructed from solid cast metal coated in an antique brass and gun-metal finish, this wicked hand piece offers three 9 in. stainless steel blades for a frightening presence. Richly textured scales on the body and grip give this claw a look and feel all of its own.

Our Price $59.99 +S&H ei

“Zombie Apocalypse” 80 Pound Crossbow Pistol

Fiberglass Bow, Molded Plastic body. 80 lb Draw. Comes with 4 Bolts and String.

Great deal and very dependable!

Our Price $27.99 +S&H ge

Vampire / Zombie Killer Blades
1st Quality - 440 s.s. - comes w/ sheath - overall length 17.5" - double edged - Killer Price!!!!!

Nice design and very sturdy.

Our Price $21.99/set +S&H mi

Dragonrider Warrior Blade
1st Quality - beautiful wood plaque - Excellent display box - well packed - just check out the colors & designs on the blade - 23" X 10" - A true dragon collectable dagger - Unique and sturdy design! Great Price!!!

Our Price $74.99 +S&H mi


Our Price $34.99 +S&H si

Screaming Eagle Blade

1st quality - Excellent display. box - all metal - the dagger can also be worn on the hand - Incredible design - 5.5" x 4.5" - w/ stand - Great Price!!!

Our Price $17.99 +S&H mi

VIKING BATTLE AXE. 27" OVERALL. WOODEN HANDLE. Great for use or display.
Our Price $29.99 +S&H si

Spiked Viking Battle Axe

Stainless Steel Head Spiked Battle Axe. Overall Length: 23-1/2". Head Length: 8-1/2".

Blade Edge Width:4-1/2".

Blade is not sharp. Handle: Hardwood with spiral grooves.

Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge

Vampire Slayer Hand Axe
1st Quality - Excellent sheath - 9" overall length - super sharp - Excellent striking capability, great for hand combat against the undead - full tang - nice nylon wrapped handle. - Excellent design - Excellent price!!!!!!!

Our Price $11.99 +S&H mi

Tower Guard Medieval Crossbow

Tower Guard Medieval Crossbow Features:

Made of wood with beautiful finish and carved details
Working action
Wrought iron "trigger"
A real replica of a medieval crossbow
Imported from Italy
Comes with Medieval bolt
NOT made for hunting purposes

Measurements: Overall: 26"

Our Price $199.99 sm

Cobra Cane w/ Hidden Compartment
1st Quality - Overall length 36.5" - All brass handle. - All wood cane w/ 5.5" vile/compartment for your favorite beverage - Looks good - Feels good - Great price!!! Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

2010 Skull Cane
1st Quality - Well packed - Overall length 36" - Incredible handle. - Very sturdy metal construction/base - hot new design - Great price!!!! Does NOT have a sword attachment! Our Price $24.99 +S&H mi

Dragons Fire Fantasy Axe

Dragons Fire Fantasy Axe Features:

440 stainless steel blade, Unsharpened
Blade has laser etched dragon with enameled red fire
Ultra detailed silver dragon shaft
Composite handle with silver dragon ornament
Skull and dragons tail pommel
Comes with custom display stand

Measurements: Axe head: 6" Overall: 14" Height on stand: 8 1/4" Base of stand: 14.5 x 3"

Our Price $44.99 +S&H sm

Medusa's Gorgon Star

Medusa's Gorgon Star Features:

Large metal star with Medusa relief
Eight metal spikes with blood splatter effect
Spikes are removable with magnetic retention
Comes with display stand
Great for fans of Medusa and Greek Mythology

Measurements: Diameter: 8" Height on stand: 9" [Attention: NOT made for throwing!]

Our Price $34.99 +S&H sm

2010 Fantasy King's Axe.
It is a highly decorative piece for serious collectors only. The handle is made of stainless steel with gold colored offsets. The entire axe measures 22inches in length and 7 inches across the duel axe blade. This piece will look spectacular displayed on a wall. It includes a wall mount.

Our Price $49.99 +S&H ei

Heavy Duty Machete W/Hand guard.

Full Tang, Saw Back Machete with hand guard. Overall Length: 19-5/8". Blade Length: 13-7/8". Blade Material: Stainless Steel with OD Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle. Sheath: Nylon with Camo finish. This is great machete that will protect your hands.

Our Price $19.99 +S&H ge

Death’s Skull Axe
1st Quality - brand new design - Excellent Damascus style blade - nice wood plaque - 20" X 14" - a great collectible skull axe - Great Price!!!!! Our Price $59.99 +S&H mi

Prologue Medieval Longbow

Longbow Features:

71" bow.

Hand crafted in the USA out of sapwood hickory.

60 Lb draw weight- 28".

Hand painted gold vine design and fully sealed.

This is a real bow that can be used for sport and or hunting.

Our Price $159.99 +S&H sm

Spin Blade- Fantasy Battle Axe.

18" overall. 440 stainless steel. 360 degree spin blades. Includes plaque. Our Price $34.99 +S&H cw

Demon Guard Neptune's Trident Scepter/ Forked Spear.

This Demon Guard Neptune's Trident Scepter Spear features stainless steel forked blades with cast metal fittings and includes a hidden sword. 60.75" Overall, 22.5" Blade. Our Price $77.99 +S&H cw

Deluxe Warrior Dragon AXE & Plaque.

FANTASTIC DRAGON Axe with quality and detail. Exorcizing - Deamon Axe. Stainless Steel Head with full color dragon on each side, Not Sharp. Overall Length: 14". Blade Edge length 6". Back Hard Rubber Handle with dragons on both sides. Handle: Highly Detailed Cast metal with Antique Silver Finish. Hardwood Wall Plaque included. Our Price $44.99 +S&H ge

Zombie “Slayer” Machete.
1st quality - overall length 18" - Full Tang - .25" thick blade - serrated top - sawback - Carbon steel - Leather handle. - Xcellent Sheath w/ belt loop - The best Survival, machete, tactical pc. today - Great Price!!! Our Price $34.99 +S&H mi

80# “Zombie Hunter” Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol.

80# Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol. Heavy Duty Construction Comes with 3 Bolts. Handle has checkered black nylon Grips. Great for that silent Zombie Hunting stealth needed for the “quiet kill”. Our Price $57.99 +S&H ge

120# Draw Camo “Zombie Killer” Crossbow.

Hunting Cross Bow- Camo. 120 lb Draw, Approximate. Overall length 31", Bow 27" tip to tip. Comes with 2 Aluminum Arrows. Very Good Quality Cross Bow. Bow can easily be taken apart for storage. Our Price $104.99 +S&H ge

Tomahawk Savage Skull Axe

This 16" beast is a real nightmare maker. Just looking at the etched demon artwork will give you the chills. The rubberized handle is molded for a wrapped leather appearance. This axe looks like it came straight out of a torture chamber. Includes wooden display stand. A truly magnificent weapon!!!

Our Price $59.99 +S&H md

Francisca HISTORICAL War Axe & Cover. Historical Axe considered one of the most significant edged weapons in history. Polished High Carbon Steel Head. Unique but deadly head design. Overall Length: 19". Blade Length: 3-1/2". Head Length:7". Handle: Hardwood. Scabbard: leather 3 snap riveted cover with belt loop. Our Price $37.99 +S&H ge

2009 Dragon Axe X. 1st Quality - Well packed - 440 s.s. - Full length plaque - Overall length 24" - Hidden 8" dagger within handle - Excellent construction - Great dragon design - Great price!!! Our Price $49.99 +S&H mi

Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe KR22B
Kit Rae Black Legion Battle Axe. 35" overall. 15" 420 stainless false edge twin axe blades with black finish trim and deep etch. Solid metal handle with antique finish and genuine leather wrapped shaft. Certificate of authenticity. Includes a 14" x 18" art print "The Barumen".

Our Price $109.99 +S&H md **We have several Kit Rae items available… Just ask!!!**

Kit Rae Legion Battle Axe KR22
This new adult collectible features solid metal handle parts with antique metal finish and genuine leather wrapped shaft. The 15" blades are 420 stainless steel constructed with fantasy cut outs. Includes art print and certificate of authenticity. 35" overall.

Our Price $99.99 +S&H md **We have several Kit Rae items available… Just ask!!!**


NEW Quad Sickle by Tom Anderson Knives.
The weapon of the future! Tom Anderson has once again proven his designs are ahead of our time! This fine piece is a huge 39 inches!! The QUAD SICKLE features a pear blade at the top and a spike point in the bottom. A ribbed, hard rubber grip makes handling a joy. This weapon has a hidden bonus intended for thrills. Pump the large central column and get a surprise: four stainless steel, retractable blades quickly deploy with the clean sound of metal sliding against metal. This one sounds like a shotgun pumping!

This is a heavy beast of a weapon, too, and very comfortable to hold. All metal construction, this is made from quality steel. The rubber molded grip is 12.5 inches, with a metal pointed tip on its bottom. The central steel shaft is textured and acts with a pump action to reveal the four retractable blades on the sides. Each side blade is 3.5 inches long and sharp. The whole weapon is topped by a flat-edged, pear blade measuring 7.25 inches with a sharpened point. Our Price $84.99 +S&H tc **NOTE: This new version replaced the older one near bottom of this page. The older version is just listed for comparison. It will no longer be available. This version has a lot better action for opening and closing blades!


Savage Celtic Spear

This 6 foot spear features a 440 stainless steel 15 1/4" blade accented with cast metal Celtic medallion. The black aluminum shaft features cast metal spacers and fantasy tip. This item also includes an 18" x 24" collectible art print autographed by fantasy artist Clyde Caldwell.

Our Price $49.99 +S&H md


Medieval War Hammer

This is a superb replica of one of the most dominant weapons on the 15th century battlefield. The war hammer was an important tool in the arsenal of the medieval soldier, who often fought against opponents in heavy armor. The war hammer allowed him to deal heavy forceful blows against an opponent clad in the thickest armor. Later hammers added a hardened point to the head to penetrate through lightly armored areas. This versatile model combines both of those strengths! Our medieval war hammer measures 27" overall, and is capped with a stainless steel hammerhead which features unique detailed engraving and the piercing point. The hardwood handle is accented with cast metal plating and a carbon steel tip. This is an outstanding item for the medieval enthusiast or military collector! Our Price $49.99 +S&H md


Battle Axe Of The Blackened Soul
Overall Length = 23". Blade Length = 8". Very Sharp Blade. Stainless Steel Blade. Comes with Wall Plaque. Removable Blades- Removable Spikes. Becomes a Spear. Nicely Packed. Our Price $54.99 +S&H md


Battle Axe Of The Lost Flame

Overall Length = 23". Blade Length = 8". Very Sharp Blade. Stainless Steel Blade. Comes with Wall Plaque. Removable Blades. Removable Spikes. Becomes a Spear. Nicely Packed. Our Price $54.99 +S&H md


Albion Axe

Named for the mythical land once inhabited by chivalrous knights who so bravely protected their quaint villages. Constructed with a 8 1/2" stainless steel axe head with 4" rear blade. The traditional handle is accented with cast metal spacers and solid metal tip. 21 1/2" overall. Includes wall mount display plaque. Our Price $37.99 +S&H md


MEGA 35" Mace Club. Overall Length: 35". Stainless Steel Handle, faux Leather Wrapped. HUGE 9-1/2" Diameter Spiked Ball, removable spikes. Very sharp spikes 2-3/4" long. Our Price $39.99 +S&H ge


70" Medieval Axe/Spear. 70" Overall In Length Medieval Axe/Spear. Featuring 13" Overall Stainless Steel Blade. Lowest Price Guaranteed! This spear separates into two pieces at the handle. Our Price $39.99 +S&H si


71" Medieval Forked Axe/Spear. 70" Overall In Length Medieval Forked Axe/Spear. Featuring 13" Overall Stainless Steel Blade. Lowest Price Guaranteed! This spear separates into two pieces at the handle. Our Price $39.99 +S&H si


Bat'leth Fantasy Warrior Weapon 53". This Fantasy weapon features a full stainless steel construction. The handholds is wrapped with black leather. Overall Length: 53". Our Price $49.99 +S&H si


64" Medieval Pike Axe/Spear. 64" Overall In Length Medieval Pike Axe/Spear. Featuring 8" Overall Stainless Steel Blade. Lowest Price Guaranteed! This spear separates into two pieces at the handle. Our Price $37.99 +S&H si






Spider Ring Finger Claw. 5.5" Overall Spider Ring Finger Claw with Spike And Ruby.2 Black Stainless Steel Blade. With Spider Web Graphic. Our Price $14.99 +S&H ei


The Slasher Gauntlet. 1st quality - Packed Xtremely well - Xcellent construction welded blades - Xcellent design - Xcellent Look & Feel - overall length 17" - 9.5" blades - HOT!!!! GREAT PRICE!!! Our Price $49.99 +S&H mi


Deadly Blow Gauntlet. 1st quality - Intense disp. box - overall length 11.5" - 9" two tone blades - 5" knife - Cool Design - Great feel - s.s. blades - SkullZ Xtreme - Great Price!!! Our Price $37.99 +S&H mi


Gothic Skull Lord Finger Armor. 1st quality - nice disp. box - overall length 6" - blade length 1.5" - 3 articulated joints - Nice Skull - Great Price!!!  Also comes in Wolf OR Eagle styles.

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi

Our Price $14.99 +S&H mi


Black Knight Axe. 1st quality - FULL TANG - overall length 14" - Excellent construction, Great for Camping & survival situations - Nice nylon carrier - width of axe head 7.5" - Great Price!! Our Price $24.99 +S&H mi


Mythos Axe.1st quality - packed extremely well - Intense display box - A Massive 16" Fantasy Axe/ Dagger - excellent stand - Enigmatic design - Great Price!!! Our Price $59.99 +S&H mi-si